what to expect
inneedofhelp posted:
I have been lots of info in relation to my D/M(min.stage 1 under 1 cm) because of braca2 doing surgery. My dilemma, when I get home from hospital--how should I be prepared-what do I need, what should I have on hand, any good tips on how to handle things. know about drains and such-daughter (out of state went thru) Not sure what to anticipate.

thank you a head of time
cindy12345678 responded:
Hi, I had bi-mast. Had drains . It helps to have some-one
help you with the drains. You can do them yourself but
you will be sore . Have a lot of pillows. it helps to be
propped up .I wish I would have gotten the sit up kind of
pillow. Keep your pain meds on schedule. Your doc
should handle the bandage.I had to go in about 10 days
later for bandage and drain removal. Other than that
have a lot of books and movies because you just rest
and heal. I hope all goes well.