scar tissue
allibell posted:
I have so much scar tissue from so many surgeries. Any one have any recommendations for the pain.Anything to rub on to help?
judyfams responded:
I too have scar tissue from my sentinel node surgery. I am doing physical therapy which is helping a lot. Also I rub lavender essential oil on the scar every night - it is good for that - it doesn't help the pain but it does lessen the amount of scarring over time.
Please ask one of your doctors to write a script for physical therapy.
Much good luck to you,
jenna291 responded:
I also have a lot of scar tissue from my sentinel node surgery and find that aloe helps somewhat. I did physical therapy for 4 months after the surgery which was nearly 6 years ago, but the area is still tender to the touch. Clearly, not as bad, but it will probably be sensitive.
take good care -