Permanent staples after breast cancer surgery
deloyd60 posted:
I have a friend whose mom is 73 years old and she had breast cancer surgery over 6 months ago and she has permanent staples. Has anyone heard of this or is something terribly wrong here. I don't think she went back to the doctor to have them removed. Her son is worried that something is not right. Help!
jenna291 responded:
Hi, they possibly could be dissolving staples. I do know people who have had those.
I would have your friend reconfirm with the doctor just what kind of staples these are.
Let us know!
best -
georgiagail replied to jenna291's response:
Dissolvable staples typically dissolve within 6 to 8 weeks (sometimes longer). If these are still present at six months it is likely they are not the dissolvable kind and your friends mother needs to go back to her physician to get these checked out (it's surprising she did not have a follow up visit at least once or twice after this surgery).