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21 been referred for mammogram. please help
mummymandi posted:
hello thank you so much for taing youtr time out to read this i really do appreciate it.
wat it is is i had a swollen gland or sumthun under my arm it kept swelling so i become wary of it i always gett swollen glands so i checked my breast to make sure i had no lumps when i found one and i felt sick to the stomach!!
its at the top of my breast on my left side my other side is smooth and 3 doctors have taken a look at this now and have all felt and found it.
i am being sent for mammogram i have developed new symptoms clear discharge coming from my nipple and alot of pain so much pain i could not sleep i went to doctors she give me number fo breast clinic as she said i should of recieved my appointment by now but breast clinic said they hadnt recieved on so got over 2 weeks to wait now. has anyone ever had anything like this???? i id have my daughter just under 3 months ago but did not breastfeed and the discharge does not look like breast milk i stopped leaking that about a few weeks after she was born. dcotr said could be fibro something sorry couldnt remeber the word. or blocked ilk duct but i genuinlly feel unwell and having dizzy spells i have the horrid feeling something is wrong i really do. i know im young but my dad has battled cancer 2 times and it was the hardest thing to see i just have this horrid feeling please help did anyone have these symptoms or can help me right now with advice thank you god bless happiness and good health to you all!

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mummymandi responded:
also i should mention it had got bigger in size
rachael67 replied to mummymandi's response:
You've given us very little to go as to why the mammogram, etc. You might want to elaborate about the situation a bit more.

Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
rachael67 responded:
Whoops! I just saw there was a detailed post you did initially. Sorry.

OK! First of all waiting sucks big time and i know how busy our imaginations can get given time! What we think up is usually way beyond anything that life tosses in our direction!! So, first advice: BREATHE!! Deeply and slowly in...and now slowly out...Again..In and then out. Repeat this exercise until your world begin to slow to a more manageable pace. (This is a most useful and always available exercise whenever things begin to get out of hand!! Make liberal use of it!)

Now, to put thing sin perspective: Were you a gambler and playing the Vegas odds, I promise you that those odds would definitely be in your favor! Reasons: Age, pain, recently giving birth, fast increase in size. (Now, it is not unheard of that someone as young as you are would have to deal with BC. Nor is it unheard of that pain can be associated with it as well as quick growth. HOWEVER...not the norm!)

My guess (and that's all it is!) would be you have a blocked milk duct or a cyst...Both of which are easily remedied and not a cause for concern.

Right now you are in the dark and have no basis other than fear (which is mighty, I know!) to borrow trouble. So, as much as you can put that worry on a back burner and busy yourself with every ounce of joy you can find! Focus on that sweet baby. Get together with friends who either are very interesting or will bore you into unconsciousness! Get a stack of funny books or comedy videos. Do whatever you can to not worry. (I know! Easier said than done, but give it a valiant effort. OK?)

Please let us know how you are doing and what the mammogram shows. In the meantime we will send good thoughts!

Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!

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