Low Vitamin D Linked to Aggressive Breast Cancer
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Click to read the entire article about how Women with low vitamin D levels may have an increased risk for the most aggressive breast cancers.

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jenna291 responded:
It seems like everyone I know has a vitamin D deficiency. Mine was low, I had stage II invasive ductal carcinoma, no lymph node involvement. I am taking supplements and try to get out in the sunshine whenever possible, but living in New England makes if difficult.
I go for the extra cup of milk and the extra spoonful of broccoli whenever possible, and just hope and pray my levels get better. Our bodies take a massive beating with chemo and radiation. tough to get back to normal, whatever that now means... just keep on trying and fighting!!!!! ~ Jenna
sadblossom replied to jenna291's response:
Jenna, my Vit. D levels are good, my bone density going in was perfect! But, I got the cancer anyway. However, sense there is so much controversy as to what can cause it and what risk we are at in mind and body, I do all the suggestions I can.I eat healthy, I drink purified water,I drink milk(always have) about 2-3 cups per day, I drink my fruit and veggies.Due to other health issues I am not very active but that is slowly improving. I have a wt problem and I am finding it hard to get off. I have to stay out of the sun due to RA and pre-Lupus but my levels are still good. So here is another ? on the Vitamin D issue. BUT...............prior to dicovering breast cancer I had been on HRT as in pills for menupausal issues, for 7 years, When I do my own math on my test results I feel it was taking these hormone pills that caused my breast cancer. But how would I ever know for sure,I won't. But that is my gut feeling on the cause of my cancer. However, I do 'totally' believe in keeping lots of D in our diets or our health plan. Eat it, drink it or take a supp. If there is something in question that could possibly cause breast cancer then I am avoiding it.If there is something noted that can reduce any further risk, then I'm doing it. Thank you for posting the article! I try to stay up to date on any of these I can find.
God Bless!