Blog: The Power of a Notebook
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Click the link above to check out the new "Cancer Realities" blog post.

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GGrandmaJan responded:
Thanks Haylen, I have always kept a notebook from the very first DX. It is sort of small to fit in my purse. I would recommend all patients to get one. I wish I had one tho, with binder rings you can add more pages too.

I write out all questions I want to ask the Dr. and leave room for his answers. There is no way I could rememer what my cancer team Doctors all have to say to me without my notebook.

Yes, with all the info in the last 6 yrs I could write a book. LOL. Some of it sad but mostly funny.

Thanks for the heads-up on the "notebook"!!!!

Have a great day. We have snow again. UGH
brcansur replied to GGrandmaJan's response:
I also keep a note book in my purse so I can write down any questions I have for the doctor and then the answers they give me. Because if I don't I will forget by the time I walk out the door if not sooner I also have so much info I could write a book but no joke I also kept a journal all througth my fight with breast cancer from the day I found my lump to now and I am thinking about putting into a book for other woman to read and see what I went through and how I handled things and of couse my humor is in it too. All the pranks and jokes plus the bad days I put it all in there I just think it would show the good the bad and not so good or bad of it all. I am still thinking about it I am writing til my 5 year mark 2013 then make up my mind then and see what I would have to do to get the ball rolling. But yes I have a note book in my puse also for everything or I would forget so much stuff in a min.
Have a great day and weekend angel hugs Roberta,