Radiation Burns
lukeperry posted:
If your having radiation, ask your doctor for "Radiaderm Radiation Relief." The doctor should have free samples.(mine did) It's a advanced skincare system with Lactokine. It's the GREATEST, and if you use it to start with, it will keep you from getting burned.

There are two steps to it, the 1st lotion(gel) is to be put on right after your treatment.(before you get dressed) It soothes your burn and feels great! The 2nd lotion is to be put on 3 times a day.(if you can)Good luck.

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lukeperry responded:
I forgot to tell you that you might not be able to buy the Radiaderm in the store yet. Try some free samples from your doctor, to see if you like it. I got so many, that I didn't have to buy any. When I was getting the name off the box to tell you'll, I noticed that it says, to purchase go to radiaderm.com I thought it was wonderful!