question on mom's cancer
elijah05 posted:
Hi, my mom who is 83 was just diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer. she is going to have a mastectomy for treatment. i thought it would be better to have a double mastectomy since there is a 20 % chance of recurrance in the other breast. but my sister doesn't agree. anybody have any suggestions, opinions, or facts to help with this decision?
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judyfams responded:
I would think the best thing to do would be to discuss this with her surgeon. At your mom's age there may be a problem with keeping her under anesthesia longer, or there may be a greater chance of infection and scarring since she will have more incisions with a double mastectomy. There also may be other health problems that need to be factored in here too.
What does mom want? Personally I would advise that you discuss a UMX vs. a BMX with the surgeon and your mom present. Then take mom's wishes into consideration with what the surgeon says are the pros and cons of doing each procedure on a patient your mom's age.
Let us know how this all turns out.