Nuclear injections prior to breast surgery
mhall6252 posted:
Some tips about the Nuclear Med injections. Demand that they numb the area 45 minutes before the injections using an EMLA cream. It has lidocaine in it and it will make those injections relatively painless. Don't let them talk you out of it! There is no way to know how they do those injections at your facility, but they can be painful. No need to suffer, ever. When you go for your pre-op exam a few days before surgery, assuming you'll have one, ask to speak to someone from Nuclear Med and let them know what you want. Also, have the same discussion with your surgeon.

The EMLA cream will come in handy if you end up with a port for chemo. You apply it about 45 minutes before your treatment and cover the area with a piece of plastic. By the time your chemo nurse accesses your port, the area will be numb and you shouldn't feel the needle going in.

Anything to keep us more comfortable!
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