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ladelta50 posted:
Gosh I'm old. I just checked out the Member Directory and I've been a member for 119 years! LOL

Sometimes I feel that old.

Off to Ortho Doc, maybe to get my stitches out! Still on IV antibiotics..which will continue for several more weeks.

Will keep you posted.

LA Delta
rachael67 responded:
My gosh! And you don't look a day over 110!!!

Hope you appointment goes well. How are you feeling? I hope that it is better each day!

ladelta50 replied to rachael67's response:
All is well. Got the stitches out and I am happy to say that I now can take a shower! Yeah!!!!! Doc put me in a plantar faciitis brace to hold my foot at a 45 degree angle 24/7 which I can use to start putting some weight on the foot. Hopefully, by wearing this brace, I can avoid foot drop. Somehow, I can't help but feel that the Doc is feeling his way thru this as I'm not so sure that he's every had a case like this one! He had the prosthetic guy in with us today, a PT person who fits these plantar braces, etc. But that's okay, I don't mind. We'll just muddle through together, because he's such a super guy!

He did tell me today, that I/we were really lucky in that the infection/rejection reared its ugly little head when it did. If it had gone on much longer, I probably would've lost my foot. But, I think he told me that before, I can't remember. Memory is such a wonderful thing, when you have it!

I go back next Wednesday to get fitted for my permanent brace. They want to wait for the swelling to go down a bit more! So save me a space on Pinkie! I also will need Pinkie on Monday as I have an appt with the infectious disease doc. Hopefully, he'll give me good news about the IV antibiotics and how much longer I'll have to be on them.

LA Delta
rachael67 replied to ladelta50's response:
And do ya think it's a bit of the Irish luck that helped with such a foyne outcome today??? Super news!

You were already on Pinkie's lisit for next Monday, but have now also added you for Wednesday Hope both of those appointments go this well....or BETTER!

Can you and Paddy enjoy a bit of jameson or Guinness today? DH is downstairs right now watching "The Quiet Man"...A St. Paddy's Day tradition! Blessin's on your house and all!

ImKaren responded:
Hmm, we seem to have 119 in common. Mine said I joined this group this year, but my last activity was 119 years ago. didn't realize computers had been around that long. No idea what I was doing as I have forgetten anything from my past life/lives.

Seriously, keep up the good work. But don't rush things either. I guess somewhere in the middle is good for now.


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