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Happy Holidays!
Rachael67 posted:
Hope one and all have a safe and beautiful holiday weekend...It seems that FINALLY the sun is showing through for most members! YEA!!!

Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly!  
Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
jaydbraz responded:
Hope you had a great Memorial Day you little Michigander, my fiance and I traveled to Shreveport, La to visit my brother and wife and attended the 'Mud-Bug' Festival,, all the crawdads you could eat and 2 was 3 too many for me. Ugly little fellas. But the beer was cold and good.
Have a super year, my back is better, wedding on hold till I'm sure (of my back) that is. Cheers. J.D.
0910faith replied to jaydbraz's response:
Happy holliday to everyone
Jaydbraz, those little critters remind me too much of
bugs. Can't quite do that but I know a lot who love em
faith 0910
jaydbraz replied to 0910faith's response:
'Faith', I just read your story, blessings to you for being aggressive in your decisions and many happy years now to you and your family.
I lost my dear wife of over 51 years because of poor diagnostic tests.
0910faith replied to jaydbraz's response:
Hi Jaydbraz,
I am so sorry you lost your wife for such poor testing.
Many times the tesst are not reliable and so many
sad results happen because of it. I have seen your posts
many times and it is nice to have a gentleman to talk
with once in a while. Thank you for your kind
faith 0910

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