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J.D.--So many thanks.
GGrandmaJan posted:
I didn't know you posted on this site. I will have to check it more often. I didn't remember if I told you about my second journey. Then I remembered you being so sweet and sending info about Trials. Bless you Heart.

Thanks for the cute email also,. I will answer that in a couple of days.

I have been able to get the chemo in our small town. However I changed Onc Dr. I gave him 6 yrs and we still could not communicate. He kept calling me is "Problem Child" I think only cause he thought my concerns could be taken up with my PCP. I did some researching on my part and found out he really hadn't seen me since Nov.'10. I kept seeing his PA. After I had the mast I had time to relax and do some heavy thinking. YEP--I decided I would try someone else. Boy, oh Boy I am so happy I did. He put me on a much easier chemo. I go 3 X a month with one week off. So easy. I do have some side effects but have the meds to take of them.

Plus dig this!!!!!

The place I am going to now is NON-Profit and write off over $3 million a year if not more. The other place has decided not to see anymore DHS patinets. Of all things. THEY are for profit only.

I am sure we are going to have to pay $7100.00 for my last PET Scan as I went up to the Profit groups scanner. Not only do we need a fast Medical Degree now we need a Financial Wizard to muddle us thru this maze. I for sure am going to dispute that charge. If nothing else they will get $100 a month for the rest of my life. Blast them. They better hope I live a long time. LOL.
It was so good to see you on the boards. I do know how depressing they can get---but love to hear from the "oldies.

Take care my sweet gentleman.
I will forget your comment about lucky. LOL
Fondly Jan
jaydbraz responded:
Oh dear friend, have found you never forget anything, especially concerning your Lucky. Besides John, Lucky is your bestest friend. Glad you finally found a good doctor, 'problem child', I'll bet he's sorry now.
Medical costs, ridiculous, I recently had a mri, cost $19,000.00, Medicare paid $1200. and I paid $375.00. CRAZY world.
Take care friend, come back often as you need, Rachael is our watchful guardian angel.
GGrandmaJan replied to jaydbraz's response:
So glad you are on here. I really miss you.

What---$19,000 for an MRI??? Unbelieable!!!! Medicare is bankrupting our Dr's and Hospitals. How do they stay in business if they are for Profit???

JD. can you believe 6 yrs ago Medicare picked up the tab for all my stuff. What they didn't pay the place wrote it off. We only paid $250 for the surgeon as he didn't accept assignment. I knew that before going to him. But sadly didn't know how much I would need his services. This time we got a bill for $885.00 from surgeon. Well but of course, he did my mast plus put the port in. I thought that was way more than fair. Called the billing dept to see if there would be more coming. She said" no and we only owed $58.00." I said why he doesn't accept assignment.
Bless her heart---she said" for you he does!!!" Now how darn sweet was that of them??? Hummmm wonder if he feels guilty he couldn't figure out what it was. BUT he wasn't the only that didn't know what I had. 4 of my doc's didn't know but sent me for their 2 and 3rd opinions. Thank Heaven's they admitted they hadn't seen it before. Dr from Radiation care knew the minute she saw my breast. The surgeon's associate had a suspicion of what it was. I was and am just lucky.

Geez, can you come to WA and teach John-boy HOW to cook???? He told me just lately that I had said to stay out of my kitchen several years ago. What---Have at it boy. I have changed my mind. Learn how to turn the oven on for Heaven's sake. LOL.
He trys. Now he can't find the dishwasher. We are working on that little item. LOL.

Have a super-duper weekend.
jaydbraz replied to GGrandmaJan's response:
See there, your doctor does love you,,,,,,this is great news, ;For you he does; must have been sweet music to your ears.
I tell Madeline all the time to stay out of my kitchen when we're at my house, and she dutifully minds. Blames her 20 pound weight gain on my cooking, I tell her to push away from the table,,,that does not go over very well.
Have a super week, good to hear from you again.

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