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rachael67 posted:
How did the MRI go? Hoping for a good report for you!

Springfever01 responded:
Good news is, the MRI did not show up anything. Bad news is whatever is going on is still there. So I'm having a bone scan on Thursday.I'm not really expecting anything too bad or dramatic. The pain was originally in my underarm and down the inside of my left arm. I'm not surprised the MRI didn't see anything, it was totally not looking at the right area. Problem is now, I thought I got a cracked rib from lying face down in the MRI machine for so long. They actually blew the vein when they started the contrast injector, so they had to start all over. I only got stuck 7 times yesterday (five times in the back of my hand and two in the crook of my arm-elbow). X-ray of my ribs today did not show anything either.

For the most part, a good report! I really just wanted another ride on Pinkie with all my Friends.

Thanks for asking. I hope you are well today. It's hard to be down with the beautiful spring weather we've had this week. I am praying for all those who are being RAINED on way too much at one time.

rachael67 replied to Springfever01's response:
Well, CRAP! That's not the way that test was supposed to go!! I am so sorry that they messed up the injection! And that you were on the table so long. (But glad that your ribs are still intact!)

But the concern remains, eigh? Hopefully, this Thursday will provde some reassurance and answers. (You know, we can send Pinkie just to go shopping too! It isn't nedessary that you go to this extreme for an outing!!! )

Keeping good thoughts!


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