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    siren48 posted:
    This is my first time in this site, so I'm very nervous. I'm a breast cancer survivor for 3 years. I still get pet scan for the entire body. So my body and mind still not feel free of cancer. You still the thought in the back of your head that might come back. Any suggestions?
    rachael67 responded:
    Welcome. Glad you have found this community. It is part of the Breast Cancer Exchange which is the more active exchange, but here we gather in a little smaller group and a little more personal.

    Yes, that fear/concern/thought does seem to shadow most of us. Even though our lives can be full and active, there is this little whisper. What is the old adage: Once burned, twice shy? Like a baby who is born free of fear until the first time it is almost dropped, we stumble around unaware of our mortality until we come face to face with it.

    How to keep this feeling at bay? Well, ignoring it and not allowing yourself to think about it certainly doesn't work...It becomes the huge elephant in the room that everyone tip-toes around, pretending it doesn't exist!

    I have found that living is the best way. Living with full awareness that this life is limited cancer or a truck or some other junseen destiny. Sadly, no one gets out alive...And this is something which I fully intend to discuss at length with the Almighty at some later date! Definitely not the way I'd have done it!!

    Try to focus not just on the daily issues and tasks, but also on how you can help someone who might be having a hard time. This seems to let us feel needed and wanted, and truly is sometimes a bigger benefit to us than to those we help!

    And make sure you take time to see the invisible and hear the silent! What do I mean by that? Well, some of life's most beautiful sights are seen only by those who look for them, and the most beautiful songs are heard only by those who truly listen...Miracles are everywhere if we just open our hearts!

    And then, when you witness these wonders, remember to say thank you! Gosh, how this "me" world sometimes looses tract of such tiny acts like thanking and forgiving and loving. Or, worse yet, we take such things for granted.

    Everyone is waging a battle of some sort even when we aren't aware of it. And the only way I have found to deal with the possibility that someday or another a dreadful beast may make an appearance is to look beyond...Beyond you and your fears and your small corner of the planet, and to welcome the new adventures that may be hidden just around the corner. It's the only way to find joy even when you may not even be happy!

    Springfever01 replied to rachael67's response:

    As usual you have expressed exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Even after almost 8 yrs I still need to be reminded to slow down and listen and look for the miracles!

    Thank you, friend for always knowing the right thing to say!

    Luv ya,

    Springfever01 responded:
    Welcome, siren48. I can't add much to what Rachael said. I think the feelings you are having are just part of what we call our new normal. I am almost 8 yrs from diagnosis and I have found, for me, talking about BC and advocating every chance I get for early detection is what keeps me going. At work, I am known as the one everyone calls when the suspician of a cancer DX is mentioned. Not because I know so much, believe me, I learn something new every day about this disease. I think it's because I have been there, and I don't mind talking about it, if they need to talk. It gets heavy sometimes, but I feel it's something I can do, ya know?

    So, please feel welcome to come here and offer your experience to our newbies, and also to get support for yourself when you need it. I have a picture of our magical Pinkie on my profile. For more info about her, please see at the top left of this page "About This Exchange" and read Pinkie's introduction.

    Take care. Hope to chat with you often!

    janwholoveslife replied to rachael67's response:
    Bless you Rachael! Your words to this gal made me cry because they are so true. Thanks for the reminder of what it's all about. ~Janet~

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