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Long time away.
Breezy1965 posted:
I have been away from here for a long time. Facebook took over. I just took my last zoladex shot today because my insurance will no longer pay for it. Have to wait until May 20th to find out if I've reached full menopause, if not they will have to see if there is something else I can do that my insurance will cover. If not in full menopause then I can't take arimadex and won't have any sort of treatment. Kind of have mixed feelings about all of this. I am almost 8 years out. Took tamoxifen for almost 5 years before finding out my body wasn't metobalizing it. Had to stop it and start the shots to shut my ovaries down so I could take the arimadex, now may not be able to take it either. Anyone been on zoladex and then stopped it that can give me some details, like will my period return? And if so when? I am 47 now was 39 when I was diagnosed. Thanks. I've missed you all.

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