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I Need Pinkie, Again!
ladelta50 posted:
Hey Rachael --

When you do the Pinkie Schedule, please put me on for Wednesday! That's the day that I'm having back surgery to see if they can relieve the pressure from a cyst that's pressing on my sciatic nerve. Supposedly it's an outpatient procedure, but they're admitting me as a 23 hour patient. I'll find out more when I go see the surgeon tomorrow afternoon. Believe me, I've got a list of ???? a mile long. I saw the bone doc yesterday and he thinks that this is the answer. BTW, the bone doc also said that he felt that the staph infection is gone and basically released me with instructions to keep an eye on it and if it started swelling and turning red to call him immediately. So that's the good news for a change.

Thanks a bunch & I'll see you all next Wednesday. Be sure to pack shorts and's running in the 80's here!

DiKay1024 responded:
You'll be in my thoughts and prayers--an extra prayer on Wed. Sure hope this takes care of the problem! You deserve to FEEL GOOD!

Blessings, Di
rachael67 responded:
I've been wondering how you were doing. I knew you had alot of appointments in place, and was hoping you were getting good reports. Like the idea that the staph is gone! YEA!!

You can bet we'll be beside you next Wednesday (and we'll tag along on the pre-surgery outing as well!) Hope this is the trick so you can get back to being your normal sassy self...Hate to think of you having a crimp in that sass!!

The list is always posted on the main Breast Cancer Exchange so if you don't see it here, please don't think we've missed you!!

Blessings and many, many blue sky days!!


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