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Had my 4th and last chemo today!
An_188546 posted:
When today came I was nervous and excited that this last treatment I never want and felt pushed into, was finally going to be done. Well the last treatment came with a bang. They give you all the steroids and anti-nausea medications first with IV fluids. They gave me the first chemo med taxotere and with in a few minutes I suddenly became very hot turn bright red all over and I knew something was wrong told Steve my husband, to get the nurse something is really wrong I was not able to take a normal breath. Two seconds later 5 nurses and a P.A. were shooting meds into the IV put me on oxygen. A severe allergic reaction why now after the other 3 treatments were fine no body knows it just happens sometimes. Steve said it was my body saying No way can I take this again. They then gave more IV fluids the doctor said no more of that medication but the 2nd chemo drug was fine but that cytoxin drug that I "loose it on" I just cry and I was so exhausted from what went I thru with the first drug I just went into the bathroom and cried by myself. And that got myself back together. We saw the surgeon in the hallway and he said he saw paperwork that I was having a hysterectomy in a few weeks. I wonder how I'll be feeling having only one chem drug given. Last cycle I was sick for 9 days. And 2 weeks from tomorrow, thursday the hyterectmony will be out of the way.
I spent the weekend with my sisters and Mom in CT. had a great time I loved having people around all the time to talk to. Seems I get less and less vistors and phone calls as the treatment goes on but my rock is always my husband and 2 kids and that 3 year old granddaughter.

rachael67 responded:
Whew! Your rollercoaster ride spun out of control within a few hours, didn't it?! I am sorry you had that reacion...It must have been dreadfully scarey! Ironically allergic ractions never happen the first time an element is introduced to the body. The body must first know the chemical/substance, not like it and develop antibodies which then on the next or some following exposure react. I think it might be the gods way of letting us think all is well and then ZAP! Keeps us mere mortals on our toes!

But, nonetheless, I send big ole congrats on the end of chemo!!!

Know we will be all with you on the 6th holding your hand and offering our very best support! It is so good to know that your hubby and family are all beside you...Can't ask for better medicine, right?!


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