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Results of Doctor Appointment
rachael67 posted:
I had my appointment, and as I had suspected, they did find a growth of some sort (2 centimeters) on the thyroid. (This all came about as a result of attempts to discover why I have a cough which has lasted since Thanksgiving! Ugh!! No answer for that, but other discoveries in the process!)

Anyway, he wanted to do a biopsy, but I have some msigivings on several fronts, and have convinced him to assume a "wait and see" approach for six months. At that time I will go back and have another ultrasound and see if there has been any change.

I am kinda comfortable doing this...Of course, always waiting for that other shoe to drop!

Thanks to all for their good thoughts and prayers. They were more than appreciated, Friends! Blessings. Rachael
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DiKay1024 responded:
Thanks for the update! Will keep you in my prayers as you "watch and wait". If you find you are too bothered by the nagging doubts you can always change your mind and request the biopsy before the 6 months are up.

Hang in there!

Blessings, Di
hihelenehere responded:
Looking for your results and here I am! Ok Rachael, I did exactly the same thing. Surgeon wanted to do a biop and an ultra sound on my thryoid bump...when I questioned him why two tests were needed, he did not take too kindly to it. In 1999 I had a biop on my thyroid..always have had this bump and always will. I do take thyroid meds. Anyway, I did neither test, and after all those years had to get a new surgeon..I was stunned that he took it like I was questioning his ability...LOL. If I had new symptons, i.e. dizziness, hard to swallow, etc etc., then I would run to the surgeon, but I do not, and the only testing I have had since 1999 is blood work, making sure I am on right meds. Dont worry Rachael, you are doing the right thing. BTW, the fnb is in and out before you know it, so dont worry about that either, and so, we keep 'truckin, eh? Canadian eh? LOL.
Have an wonderful and happy summer.

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