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it's been quite awhile
Roziee posted:
It's been quite awhile since in checked this exchange. It sure has changed. I was diagnosed last June with IDC. After surgery ( I opted for a lumpectomy) I was told I had a very good chance of reoccurance so I had chemo followed by 7 weeks of daily radiation. I finished in Jan. and have been trying to put my life back on track. I started Arimidex and Zometa infusions and have been feelilng so achy all the time. I also have leg cramps almost daily. Is anyone out there on Arimidex? How does it affect you? Will this last the whole 5 yrs?
Thanks for any insight,
rachael67 responded:
Welcome back, Roz. I am sorry to hear that you are having bad side-effects. Seems all individuals have different reactions (or non-reactions) ...I guess like snowflakes, we all are different.

Many ladies are on Arimidex, and I would suggest that you repost this same message on Breast Cancer Exchange ...It is the main board ...With the new set-up members can create their own exchanges too...This one is an off-shoot of BC Exchange and serves as a super meeting place for the members, giving support and keeping in touch, etc. But it tends to be quite slow. I think you might get more input on the main board.

Meanwhile, please know we are glad to have you back and hope each day get a little easier for you.

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