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An_188548 posted:
Hi....I'm new to this....hope I can get some advice. I've heard that breast cancer can begin with a bruise. I've always heard that women should take great care to make sure they don't allow their breasts to become bruised. I've always heeded this advice but yesterday I must have done something (can't recall exactly what) that has resulted in a bruise on the top of my right breast. It doesn't really hurt. The color of the bruise is yellow/black. What can I do to speed the healing and is there anything I can do to ensure it doesn't become cancerous? Breast cancer (or cancer in general) does not run in my family. Thanks to any who have any helpful advice.
DiKay1024 responded:
HI, and welcome to the board! I don't recall hearing anything about bruising and breast cancer, but hopefully someone will respond who is more knowledgeable!

Perhaps what you heard was that a bruise can be a sign of underlying cancer? It seems unlikely that a bruise could CAUSE cancer, but then again I'm only guessing. At any rate, I would watch it and if it doesn't clear up in the usual amount of time for any other bruise get it checked out.

This "friend to friend" exchange is not as busy as the main breast cancer exchange, so you may get more responses if you post there also.

Good luck and let us know how things go. We learn from each other and are all eager for new information!

Blessings, Di
Taffythree replied to DiKay1024's response:
Thanks, Di....the bruise is not as pronounced as it was last night, so I think it's clearing up....: )

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