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Please drop by and visit at the Breast Cancer Friend to Friend and Pinkie Central.
i am new to all of this
celinaliz posted:
was diagnos in 1/11/10 with breast cancer and i need good friends!!!!!!!
rachael67 responded:

How are you doing? What treatments have you had?

How might we help?

May I also suggest that you post on the main Breast
Cancer Community? Breast Cancer Community There you wil find things a bit more active and many other friends just waiting to offer support!

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motherblair responded:
celinaliz, welcome! What stage is your cancer and did your doctor dicuss your options with you? All I can suggest is that you do your own research on breast cancer. It will help you to understand the diease better. Listen very carefully to your doctors and trust them. They are there, like us to help you get thru this and want you to live! I know how frightened you may feel right now, but I am here if you just wanna talk.

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