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5734286 posted:
Hi everyone. I just found this community and hope to be helped and maybe help others. I have been a 1 year survivor of breast cancer. Got lots of fatigue and stress problems and can't seem to shake them. Anyone have suggestions?
rachael67 responded:
Welcome! Glad you found us!!

I want to alert you to another site which also might offer some help in dealing with the stress and fatigue...Breast Cancer Community That site is usually more active and focuses on more of the issues of breast cancer than we might here. (Please understand!!! THIS SITE DOES FOCUS ON THE ISSUES AS WELL, BUT NOT TO THE EXTENT AS ON THE OTHER...I definitley don't want to dissuade you from being a "Friend" here, just want to make sure you get all the help you can. Okay?)

Now, CONGRATULATIONS on being a survivor!! For most of us dealing with the stress is sometimes one of our biggest battles. We have found several different approaches which seem to lessen the stress and fatigue:

Excercise! (Lord, but that is a four letter word for me! I truly have to force myself into doing so, but when I do, I feel a great sense of accomplishment! And the stress seems to abate a little as well.)

Helping others! Amazingly, when we focus on the needs of others and then actually are able to assist them and relieve them of some of their burdens, we win big time in the tension department! So, we are good neighbors and help ourselves as a bonus!

Rest and pamper yourself! Now this is big one for us to overcome! After all, women are known to be the helpers, the supporters, the ones who kiss the boo-boos and make everything right! However, despite all the years we learn to fulfill the needs of others, now we must admit that IT IS TIME FOR US!! It is okay to let the dusting go for a week or more. It is okay to order pizza tonight. It is okay ot ask for help aroudn the house and with other duties we have assume. It is okay to take a nap. It is even okay to say "NO!"!!!!!!!

I hope others may add ot this list of suggestions as we sometimes find a unique way to handle stress that others may not know...It's always nice to share these secrets!

Plese feel free to come here anytime and add to the community! We love finding new Friends!


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