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Life is Great!
TxCycleGal2 posted:
Hey Sistahs (and Jaydee),

Just stopping by to say we are enjoying our new lifestyle.

One of the big bonuses is the lack of stress compared to the life we were leading. We both sleep well, wake refreshed and have really no work-related stress. I'm feeling very good, my IBS has essentially vanished (it had flared in for several months prior to our new adventure) and I no longer snore! Whoohoo! Stress is a very naughty 5-letter word.

We're presently in South Carolina through October working a night security gig and loving it. You can follow our adventures on my RV blog here . There's an article I wrote about satellite Internet posted on a third party site here - so tickled they invited me to contribute! Whoohoo! My first article published by a third party on the Internet!

You veteran warriors out there, keep the faith and fight the good fight. All you new Sisters, remember there is life through and after cancer. Remember that you are not alone. Cherish each person and each moment as they come to you. And by all means . . .

Carpe diem!

Peace, strength, love and light to all,
rachael67 responded:
Howdy Betty! Just saw that you had posted to the main BC community and was delighted to hear from you there and here!

Sounds like life is cooperating with you nicely..Great! And what a busy lady you are contributing to sites! Good for you! Your upbeat messages and love of life (I know the French phrase, but am sure I would butcher the spelling! !!!) are a lovely breath of fresh air...Thanks!!

Come back and share all your adventures!

Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!

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