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Oldie checking in!
Debby30635 posted:
I rec'd an e-mail from dear Rachael, telling me about this new site. I came right over! I recognized many on the member list. I stopped going to F2F because the new site was confusing. But determined to find you all here. As of this month, counting the way my Oncol. counts, I am 5 years, cancer free! I had the dreaded Inflamatory Breast Cancer. Had a large mass which disappeared during chemo. Had surgery after chemo. I have some chronic health issues, which I won't go in to. Still live in N.E. GA, a true Bulldog fan and alumna. Retired art teacher. Raised my g'daughter....she is married and having a baby in Oct...a boy! Looking forward to being a real grandmother with him. Hubby and I camp (in big camper with all the luxuries of home). Active in my church. Computer addicted!

I am on Facebook with many other Sisters! I am so happy to see so many other oldies here! We are tough fighters that's for sure. Hope to find out more about everyone.

Rachael67 responded:
WELCOME, FRIEND!! How super that you have joined us...My fingers remain crossed that many others will also come, and we can once again visit on a more regular basis. (The crossed fingers might explain many of my typos!!)

Glad to hear things are going well, and ESPECIALLY GLAD to hear of the new grandbaby coming soon! What joy! Please make sure you post his arrival so that we can all celebrate with you!!

And when you are on Facebook give all the oldies there a nudge to come post as well!

Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!

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