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So new, I don't know what to ask or how to feel
Rukia44 posted:
I'm 42 yr mom of a 16 son. He will never forget this b-day! We got the news no one expected 3 days to his 16 b-day. I'm married for 21 yrs. Things have been tough for awhile, now this! I do know that he would never abandon me though! I have other things I'm already dealing with, like Bi-polar and Fybromyalgia, my immune sys has never been strong, I am still recovering from the 2cd op. I have good news it hasn't spread to my lymphs! I know it's small but the nerve damage wasn't really explained before surgery. It's painful! Now I'm supposed to start radiation treatments, I have no idea what that is going to intail. Is it painful does it make you sick? Are there different kinds, other options? Thanks for being here. I have no other family that can give me much. My mom is still alive but we have no relationship.
rachael67 responded:
Ok! Breathe! Slowly and deeply in and slowly out. Again, deeply in and out. Repeat this as needed. It will serve well to help slow down your world which at this point is spinning out of control. It is a very effective tranquilizer, non-addictive and always available!

Now, if you are a bit less stressed, things might begin to take on a better perspective. It sounds like your plate was rather full already and this certainly doesn't help. But, despite some challenges in your marriage, you seem not to concern yourself that your husband won't be there to support you fully. That is a definte good!!!

And the cancer has not spread to the nodes. Another big YES!

And you say it was a small tumor...Gal, you are defintely adding up the pluses!!

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain. (Make sure you tell your doctor about it. It probably is perfectly normal, but he still needs to know.)

But I can add to your good issues: Radiation isn't bad at all! No, it si NOT painful. No, it doesn't make you sick! The only things that youi will have to watch (and youir medical team will help with these) is that yoiu let them know if there is any sign of burning. Since the effects of rads are cumulative, the "sunburn" will be most likely ot appear as the txs progress. So, too, will any tiredness you might feel. Most ladies do not have any serious troubles with rads, but follow the doctor's instructions and use the creams.

Generally, this is the tx which follows non-metasticized breast cancer. There are some other options, but they are rarely used. If you had very clear margins, then I would suggest you talk to your surgeon and pathologist about their recommendations of not having rads. But that is not a common approach.


Rukia44 replied to rachael67's response:
Thanks so much!! You are very kind and sweet! It is good to remember to stop and just breathe!! I really have been blessed and being able to even say that at a time like this is helpful. Thanks for the kind advice, I'm going to be ok! Hope you are feeling better and know that I will be here for you as well!! Gentle hugs all around!
buckglo responded:
When I was 42 , i found a lump in my left breast . after a mamgram , I was told I have cancer , a doctor in Pittsburgh did a biopsy, another one 3 months lator .
I was told I had to have my breast removed. Also I had to have 5 treatments of kemo , strong treatments !
each month , i had to get 12 shots , to bring my white cells back up .
when it was over , I was glad. 6 months lator , I had my stomic taken off , made into my left breast .

I was glad , because I had gained weight with kemo . When I was throught it. Also because I'm a 13 year serviver . I tell people dealing with it . You can do it also !

I was scard , afraid . The doctor said: that day , if God wants you to live , He will . Because that , doctor was so inspiring to me. I want to be to each of you worried.

rachael67 replied to buckglo's response:
Thanks for the encouraging post...13 year survivor! Wow!!

You had to go through much, but you came out the otherside and are well! You have just shown that even when things are tough, it is "doable"!

Many blessings.

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