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Tykerb Side Effects
Quarterman posted:
My wife is recieving herceptin and Tykerb and has developed sores by the /edge of a thumb and toe nail. The sores appear infected, they leak a puss, stink and bleed. The sore is like a growth. Dr. says the sores are caused from the Tykerb; which is taken everyday. Dr. says not much can be done. Dr. suggested putting vitimn E on sore. Don't see much change. Has anyone heard of or have/had this side effect?

Any cures or pain releif known would be helpful.
Rachael67 responded:
Although I have not had a great deal of experience with chemo, I would say that I am not pleased with the doctor dismissing an infection with "not much can be done"....Were I in your place, I would definitely seek a second opinion from another physician. Also you might want to consult with a wound specialist.

One more thing: Since this community is not very active, you might want to repost this same question on the main Breast Cancer community ( Breast Cancer Community ) It has much more activity and may supply personal experiences of the members.

Please feel free to come here or there whenever you have questions. And let you wife know that she is in our thoughts. Keep us posted on how she is doing. Okay?

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Quarterman replied to Rachael67's response:
Thank you for the direction to the breast cancer community. I'll check it out. Also thanks for your thoughts.

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