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Breast lump
winnie1123 posted:
I am 27 and I have a lump in my left breat that goes aways and comes back atleast once a year. There year it hurts so bad and make my breast look so much bigger than the other one. I have had an xtrasound but not a mammogram. I am being told that I am to young to recieve one which I think is wrong given my situation. I have a 21 year old sister who by the Grace of God just beat Ovarian cancer. What should I do? Please help
rachael67 responded:
The best advice I can offer would be for you to seek assistance at a Breast Care Center. They deal with breast health issues 24/7, are the most up to date on information and have the most modern technology.

I can appreciate how concerned you must be, and I certainly don't like the way they have dismised your worries. You deserve someone who can find the reason for the anomoly as well as can ease your fears.

Please know we will be thinking of you, and do let us know how you are doing.

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winnie1123 responded:
Thank you so much. I have an appoinment with my doctor tomorrow and will ask her for a referral to a Breast Care Center.

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