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1fernehall posted:
Hope someone can answer. Going thru lymphedema therapy. Now that swelling is going down itching has begun as well as lots of very small "knots", maybe glands. Has anyone else had itching, not surface skin itch but deeper, after radiation, whether lymphedema was involved or not? What was done to eleviate it? Thanks, Fern
rachael67 responded:
I did not have lymphodema, but I did have rads. Although I do not recall any "itching," I do know there has been persistant discomfort along the ribs, etc. And that this "pain" is a direct result of the rads.

I have heard it often said that itching is merely a type of pain. If this is true, perhaps it is related to the radiation?

However, to be certian, please discuss this with your medical team! Never assume!

Also, you might want to post on the main breast cancer community where there is more traffic and you might find someone who has shared this symptom.

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sadblossom responded:
Oh yes mame !!!!! I had the most gosh awful itch during the last of rad treatments and after treatements were over. Thought I would go nuts !!! I used hydrocortizone creme and cornstartch. The cort creme was a rx but shelf cremes are good also. You just can't use it for an extended period of time. From that I went to aloe and cornstarch. This is plain kitchen cooking cornstarch. Worked wonders. Also apply very cold wet cloths anytime. The cold helps. Cause the itch is deep, not really a skin itch as it is an inside itch. You are normal to me.

Hope this was helpful.
God Bless !

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