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how to stop a grazer...
wifeyintraining posted:
If that makes sense... DS tends to like to 'snack' throughout the day instead of taking a decent amount at a time and waiting a few hours. Its really hard to do anything when DS is constantly wanting to BF. When i do start nursing.. he'll nurse for about 10-15 minutes and then spit me out and and become completely disinterested... until about 30 minutes later. Its very exhausting,

Tonight when he spit me out... i decided to make him wait until 2 hours later to feed him again. It was hard because he was fussing and crying practically the whole time (after the initial 30 minutes) but i'm hoping that maybe it will put him into a better routine.

Do you ladies think its ok to make him wait a couple hours after feeding? He's only 2 weeks so i hate to think i'm starving the kid... but i can't keep feeding him every 30 minutes! Any other ideas? Thanks a lot!
rachbug8 responded:
Honestly, I think it'd be a good idea to let him eat as he wants. It'll help build your milk supply, and his little tummy just can't hold a lot so it may be too much for him to wait 2 hours. Davin was big on grazing too, but he settled into a more normal eating pattern after the first month. Try to hang in there. The newborn period is crazy, I know.
sarakraut responded:
This is why they say the first 6-7 weeks are the hardest! I agree you should let him nurse on demand until your supply is well established (usually about 6 wks). At only 2 weeks his tummy is very small and he can not handle much milk at one time. This is why he is grazing all day.

It really will get easier - I promise! Hang in there momma!
mandmcndy responded:
I agree with PP, feed on demand. My DD was like that initially, she's now 7 weeks and sleeps 4-6 hours at a night and usually goes 2-3 hours between feedings. Sometimes she does want to eat more frequently but it does get better. Hang in there.
cduffy responded:
As all PP said, nurse on demand!! Your baby is still so young, and this constant nursing is establishing your milk supply. Trying to nurse "by the clock" is a bad idea when a baby is this young and can definitely lead to supply problems. Stick with it, and it'll get better around the 6 week mark. Hang in there!
ch3rip00l responded:
Also, remember that your new LO will go through growth spurts at around 3 and 6-7 wks, then 3 mos and 6 mos if I recall correctly. I know it is a pain, but I BF'd all 3 of my singletons, and it wore on me too, but again, at the newborn stage, it is best to feed on demand.

hang in there....I am glad you are BFg to begin with....keep it up! so many women give up too easily nowadays because of inconvenience sake...
bastcoyote responded:

i have the same problem!

i have a "grazer" who is sleeping on my arm right now, so please forgive the lack of caps and typos.

She eats slowly and sleepily for 3 hours at a time, never getting full... and then will sometimes take a nap after that for about 20 minutes, then feed for another couple of hours. It never ends. the only relief I get is when my other half gives her a couple ounces of formula at night so that I can sleep for a couple of hours (and so can the baby).

We've been to a couple of different LCs and I'm trying various things to improve her latch and my supply. But the basic truth is... the baby is a grazer and is really slow.

She's 3 weeks old today.

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