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Milk fistula after breast abscess
Lexatron posted:
I had a I&D performed about two weeks ago and have since developed a milk fistula. I soak through pads, and have not continued feeding from that breast (I stopped feeding from that breast when my LO couldn't latch on due to the extent of the infection and the pain), but I do feed from the other breast. It's more than enough for him, but the stimulation continues milk flow in the affected breast, continuing the leakage from the incision site. My doctor said that it likely won't close until I am finished breast feeding, but my son is only two months old and I refuse to allow a little inconvenience to keep me from breastfeeding him. And I am extremely stubborn, so I am looking for another answer regarding the fistula. There has to be a way to close it other than weaning. Any ideas/advice?
Jcurzon responded:
I wish I had some advice for you, i've never encountered a milk fistula. I would look on some of the breastfeedign boards, like or check with your local lactation consultant to see if they have any suggestions. I applaud you for continuing to nurse, sounds like a hard situation to be in! I assume pumping on that breast would make it worse?
Lexatron replied to Jcurzon's response:
I would love to pump, but it just makes the leaking worse. I just wish there was something more I could do other than not feed.
Mclons99 responded:
I am about to have surgery on Thursday and I am still nursing my 10 month old. I wanted to nurse him till he went to kindergarten (kidding but not kidding). He won't take a bottle, i've tried every different type with every different bottle.... My doctors, LLL and Surgeon tell me I will most like get a fistula if I am still nursing on my right side. I am scared! Is it a big deal?
alialnawi replied to Jcurzon's response:
stop breast feasding
sarakraut responded:
I did some research and from what I found the fistula is not dangerous, just annoying. Most articles I found reported that the fistula will typically close even if you continue nursing. In the meantime, the breast milk actually helps to keep the wound clean.
ashers_mommy514 responded:
had a 7 cm breast abcess removed about 6 weeks ago. it was a terrible painful process, but i stuck out the BFing and now that i am healed i'm glad i did. i too had milk coming out of the incision site for about 3-4 weeks. made my bandages smell terrible but caused no other problems. my incision was about 1/2 inch below my nipple which made pumping painful at first. i had to pump and dump while on my antibiotics (bactrim). it was also easier to pump and bottlefeed on that breast for the first few weeks while healing than to worry about his little mouth contacting the incision. my milk supply on the affected breast is not what it was, but the other breast is compensating and we are back to BFing with no problems. good luck. just out of curiosity, what caused your abcess? mine turned out to be community aquired MRSA. Good Luck!
aubreysmom1 responded:
This issue really concerns me. I went in and had an I&D 4 days ago. The surgeon wasn't very experienced with a breast abscess but was available sort notice and my case was urgent. The abscess was close to the size of my fist and I am not a very large chested woman. Anyway the procedure was done with a local in his office and was extremely painful I am now having the incision unpacked and repacked twice a day for a minimum of the next two weeks. I was told by the surgeon to not to continue to breastfeed on that side or else I would develop a fistula that would not go away until i stopped breastfeeding. My daughter is only 5 weeks old.I want to breastfeed on both sides because I dont seem to make enough for her on one but dont want to have a fistula for the next year. My breast also created a hardened wall of tissue around the abscess to protect the rest of my ducts and that wall runs directly across the center of my nipple. This is making any kind of latch impossible...HELP!

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