Monthly Cycle ?
help1977 posted:
How soon after BF does your period come back? I have completely stopped BF 2 weeks ago and I thought it would have started by now. Before that DD would only nurse a few times a day and not for very long. She had a lot of supplement.
tamaricek responded:
Unfortunately, I completely lost milk after six weeks of breastfeeding and giving my baby girl formula, since I never had a enough of milk to fulfill her needs.
I had my first period after 10 weeks, a month after I completely lost milk.
cjl0510 responded:
I think it depends on your body. With my first LO it took 4 months before I got my period back after I stopped nursing (he was 10 months old when I stopped nursing)! I was so worried I made a doctors appointment. They day I was suppose to see the doctor I got my period! LOL so I guess it just depends!