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Biting repeatedly
seeit2 posted:
I don't know what is going on with my DS. He likes to bite while he is nursing. Like, he'll go along fine for awhile and then he'll clamp down and pull back and really bite my nipple - it is excruciating. Then he expects to go back to eating and do it again over and over. It is killing our nursing relationship because I'm really nervous about nursing him at all. I can give him a bottle and he does not play with that at all - just sucks it down. Does this mean he prefers the bottle? I know he is hungry when he does this so it's not like he's saying no - I don't really know why he does it except it seems like he is experimenting somehow. I kept thinking it would pass but it has been at least a month and I really don't want to continue this way. Any advice?


tiff93722 responded:
How old is your LO? It could be that your let down is to fast for him an he is clamping down to ease the flow.
seeit2 replied to tiff93722's response:
He is 9 months. I never had this problem before but ...never considered letdown. We are pretty much sticking to just one boob because he severely injured the other with those little teeth (he has two on top and two on bottom) - could that affect the letdown? WTH do I do about that?

tiff93722 replied to seeit2's response:
Not sure. Maybe check out and see if anyone has any advice. Now I'm scared because my little guy has 2 teeth coming through!!!
Brubee responded:
Does he do it every time? When I was nursing my DD had the same problem. I used lanolin on my nipples to help heal them. It is very nerve racking waiting for the bite! I would also remove her from the breast and say no biting. I don't really know if that helped though. Do you give him teething biscuts or something like that? It may help. Good luck and I hope he stops biting.
seeit2 replied to Brubee's response:
Yeah, we give him biscuits and teethers and all that crap. He also just wants to eat constantly, solids or milk or whatever we can get in him...I had been pulling him off and saying "no biting" firmly but that would make him cry and I was afraid of just scarring him over the whole experience - so last night I tried talking gently to him and then making a really annoying "EH! EH!" sound when he started to pull back to bite. THen back to soothing if he stopped. It worked pretty well - but I had to resist the urge to hover over him with my finger ready to take him off if he clamped down.

tiff - Don't be afraid of the biting! My first never bit me once and I nursed her for a year - you just never know. I wouldn't worry about it!


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