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MizLeah posted:
what are some ways to tell you are ovulating without taking the test while bf? I am on the mini pill but read that the mini pill is only about 80% effective. I have not got a period and do not expect one but really do not want another baby for about 3 years..... Anyone else have this issue? I want to avoid sex or use condoms while ovulating but have never tracked ovulation before..... Thanks in advance for any input
cjl0510 responded:
You can track your temperature. On the days you ovulate you will either see a point difference either up or down for about 3 days. But you have to take it first thing in the morning to get an accurate read for everyday.
pridgeon replied to cjl0510's response:
My dr. told me the mini pill is as effective as the regular pill or patch bc I asked the same question. Where did you read that?
sarakraut responded:
If you take the mini pill at the same time every day it is over 98% effective. If you take it at different times or miss a day, then the effectiveness declines.

Tracking your temp while BF'ing is not all that easy. If you do not trust the mini pill, or if you are not great about taking it at the same time every day, then I suggest just using condoms as a back-up or considering an IUD.
MizLeah responded:
I wanted to get the IUD but my doctor will not allow me to get it until November due to breastfeeding making your body so much more fragile. I'm sure every doctor has their own opinion on this.

I read it on a link for another board... ( I will try to copy it and post it)

I suppose you girls are right and most birth controls have about the same percentage of effectiveness....... Thanks for the input
MarissasMommy replied to MizLeah's response:
What do you mean BFing makes your body more fragile?? I will be going for my 6 weeks postpartum visit next week, and was planning to ask for IUD. I'm sure my dr will help me decide what's best, but I've never heard about what your dr is saying. That worries me a little!
fsuchick1976 responded:
There is a book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". You might want to read it to learn more about tracking your cycles. I've read parts of it, but I haven't actually used the methods yet.
Kim (33) DH (40) DD1 (7/08) DD2 (3/10)
MizLeah replied to MarissasMommy's response:
She said your uterous (spelling) is thinner after your give birth and she does not like to put the small hole the IUD requires unitl 6 months PP or 2 months after BF.... I am pretty sure it is just her policy but I really like my Dr. and am taking her advice on this one
sarakraut replied to MizLeah's response:
The IUD does not require a hole to be put in your uterus! It is inserted via your cervix. I highly recommend getting a second opinion if your OB told you that a hole in your uterus was required.

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