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Drying up breastmilk
VeryFirst posted:
OK. So I am ready to wean Trinity off of breastmilk and onto formula. I am loosing too much weight. I've checked with her pediatrician and we've decided we're going to put her on Enfamil Premium . Now my question is with my breast, do I just allow them to get engorged and then the milk will automatically dry up? What kind of pain should I expect? And the most important question is why do I feel so guilty?
emily8091457 responded:
I don't think you should feel guilty. BF'ing doesn't work out for everyone and I'm not sure how long you've been nursing your LO, but any amount of time BF'ing is better than nothing. Babies that have formula grow up just fine.

As for the weaning... I BF my DD#1 until she was about 14 months old. And by that time, she was down to about 1-2 times a day nursing. So I'm sure my milk supply wasn't as big as it was when she was EBF'ing. But even so, I had some pain/tenderness for a about a week because my breasts became engorged. What helped was that I finally expressed just a little bit (just enough to take the edge off) while I was in the shower. I did that a couple of times and after that I didn't have as much pain and my milk dried up pretty quickly after that. -- They also have a pill you can take that will help dry your milk up faster... and I've heard that some people will wrap their breasts too to help.
cjl0510 responded:
I had to stop breastfeeding my first son at 10 months fairly suddenly due to a medication I had to go on. It was painful. I would suggest supplementing every other feeding for awhile and slowly making the transition.
Jcurzon responded:
You don't have to wean cold turkey, it is hard on both you (ouch!!) and baby's digestive system. I'd do as PP suggested and try to just slowly cut out one feeding a day for a week (supplement w/formula) then the next week two feedings and so on until you are on 100% formula and your breasts will slowly stop producing that milk so by two months or so, you will not be making much milk and when you want to quit totally the pain will be way reduced. I had a friend who switched from BF to formula at 6 months, she did is slowly this way and said the pain was minimal.
Jcurzon responded:
Also, if weight loss has been an issue for you, then you could try taking several high-calorie drinks like Ensure and Nestle Boost Plus and they can help you keep weight on while you are weaning.

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