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New here, here's my situation...
peachyisthelife posted:
Hey gals, I already know some of you. I just had my 3rd baby on July 15th. My history consists of BF failures. I have flat nipples. My 1st baby I had horrible untreated PPD and finding out I had flat nipples-that didn't mix well for a good try at BF. Next baby I was bound and determined to BF. I was able to get one nipple to stick out but the other one she just would not nurse from it. Anyway, I exclusively pumped for 8 months for her.

Now. I, of course, really wanted to BF again. In the hospital, it was too good to be true! Not only was she latching on, but even onto the flat nipple! She was totally able to latch on enough to draw out the nipple. I even thought she was latching on great/correctly. WRONG! Fast forward 4 days and here I am with HORRIBLY sore nipples and I'm finding out the lach probably ain't what it should be (hence the soreness). The pain is always worse at first latch then lessens a bit as she nurses, but usually it's pretty painful the whole time (the initial pain, though, is absolutely excruciating). I've also got a few little bruises on my nipple area. Right now I'm having terrible, terrible post partum depression. I already take a decently high dosage of anti depressants for my "normal" case of depression so I don't know if I can increase that dosage. But I am a complete mess right now. DH goes back to work tomorrow and just thinking of that makes me burst into tears. BFing is just not working out, once again. I left a message with a lact. cons. and she hasn't called back yet. She's my only hope. I pray she can teach me enough that I'll be able to latch correctly at home. You know how you can always get the latch right with the LC but once you get home it's a different story! So anyway, here's my current story, if you have ANY tips please share. I'm such a mess emotionally right now, I feel awful for my older kids, I feel like I can't "work" correctly for my baby. My poor DH must be sick of my balling my eyes out in his arms. He's been so sweet, though. He has such a hard time seeing me like this he's nearly begging me to go to formula. I tell him I WANT to nurse. Sorry this got so long, guess I needed to get some things out
fsuchick1976 responded:
First of all, congrats! July 15th is a great day b/c it is DD1's b-day.

If you don't hear from the LC, can you google and see if there is a La Leche League near you? You might be able to contact someone local from there. I know when I looked on their website to find one near me, it also gave me contact info for the leader in my area.

Have you tried the medela soft shells or the lansinoh latchassist? I think they are supposed to help flat nipples.

Please don't beat yourself up or consider yourself a failure. The important thing is for your baby to get nutrition. It doesn't matter what the source is. It's also important to have a mommy who isn't stressed out.
Kim (33) DH (40) DD1 (7/08) DD2 (3/10)
sarakraut responded:

First of all, congrats on the new addition! I am sure she is adorable!

I agree with trying to find a La Leche League chapter close by. Keep trying to get the LC as well. The first 6 weeks or so can be quite painful with latching, but it should not be as bad as you are describing. The most important keys with latching are to ensure the baby is taking in more than just the nipple and to make sure the lips are turned outward. This site will really help until you can get the pros involved:

If you need any help or advice just let me know. I am currently bf'ing #2 and will do what I can to assist!
jlc78 responded:
Cathryn, DD had a great latch in the hospital. No pain at all. And then at a week old, things changed. I'm not sure if it was a bad latch or laziness on her (and my part) or that I just needed to get used to it. But I remember the painful latches. I would cringe when she would first latch on. And the cracks....ouch. But in time, it did get better. Even now at 22 months, I still get sore occassionally. I know it's easier said than done but relax. You pumped with DD so you know you can fall back on that and still give her that liquid gold. Stay strong. And just remember, it will all work out in the end. (((hugs)))
Me (31) DH (33) and our 2 beautiful babes DS (6/07) and DD (9/08)
ntherelng replied to sarakraut's response:
Hey Peachy, I remember you being around with your #2 when I was nursing/pumping for my #1. I'm not sure that I can help at all, but I wanted to say hey and welcome back. All I can say is hang in there it will get better and that the other ladies have given the same suggestions for LLL and kellymom that I would have.
Renee (37) DH (43) DS1 10/01/08 EBF 9 mos. DS2 06/20/10 6lb. 19 1/2 and so beautiful!
seeit2 responded:
Congratulations mommy! I had the same problem with DS, for 8 weeks (!) my nipples were ON FIRE and his initial latch hurt so bad I used to stomp my feet and bite my lip when he first got going. He was not latching correctly and not getting enough food and had jaundice and was losing was awful. All I did was cry. So I knew I had to fix the latch and here is what I did: I held the boob he was nursing from in the same hand (like, left boob in left hand), and squeezed the end so the nipple stuck out. Then I would basically shove his head onto the nipple by resting his chin right on my boob and then shoving the nipple into his mouth while moving his head onto it at the same time. Does that make sense? It sounds horrible, I know, like I was just mauling the boy but it was the only way I could get a good latch. He just had no idea how to open his mouth wide enough to get the whole thing in there and would end up chewing on the tip- hence the pain. Eventually he figured it out himself - I think actually getting a good amount of milk was very motivating (insert embarrassed smiley here) but it took a while. Everything I read said not to push his head around but honestly it was the only way I could get things to work until the boy figured it out.

Hang in there and please take it easy on yourself - you have a lot on your plate right now. {{HUGS}} and congrats again!

MarissasMommy replied to seeit2's response:
Cathryn, I really wish you could drive to Athens on Mondays to work with the LC and a wonderful group of ladies that meet at St. Mary's hospital every Monday 1-3. They call themselves "Bundles of Joy" and they helped me so much!! I hope the LC will call you back. I'm like you, REALLY determined to make it work this time (and just canNOT see myself EPing again!), and they helped me make sure Parker's latch was good, and just having a group of ladies to ask questions to has helped me. If you look on my FaceBook, I'm sure you could post on the Bundles of Joy page and get more responses...

Have you tried a nipple shield or one of those shell things that is supposed to draw your nipple out?? Hang in there, Mama!
cjl0510 responded:
I agree to call La Leche if you haven't heard back from the Lactation consultant. Nipple shield saved me for my first child, and cabbage leaves helped with my second. (they helped with the pain) Cold and straight from the fridge- helped more than any creams or anything. Hang in there- I know it's tough right now, but it will get better. Stay strong and enjoy that little one!!
dylansmumm responded:
CONGRATS,,, i was here throughout my pregnancy, i think i recognize u, i had my baby in feb, and i wanted to say that breast feeding is the most awesomest thing we can do for our little ones, its so cool being able to privide for them this way after being their incubator for 9 months, i had trouble with the latch too, but it was cause my babies were both tongue tied, and they tend to bite lol, but whats wrong with pumping? i exclusively pumped for my son and now im doing it with my new baby, the reasons i think its better are thiese:
1- you can manipulate how much you make (haing 5 bottles at the ready and 15 in the freezer is quite saticfying lol)
2- you always know what amount theyre getting (no guess work "she has how many wet and poopy diapers a day and has gained how much so far?")
3- you can freeze some for later use so you can wean sooner
4- dad and others can help with feedings
5- feedings dont last a loooong time, i know at the breast they can feed for up to an hour or more, a bottle feeding lasts what, 10 minutes? WOOT
6- that bond people talk about that comes from breast feeding? it happens anyway! holding them close and feeding them something only you could have made for them, something thatll nurish and protect them. good feelings all around

i dont feel as tho i failed in anyway by not feeding them from the tap, i feel like i took the best thing for them and made it very easy for me,,

OH OH and for the sore nippies, mine got split open and cracked it was aweful,, i used Lansinoh nipple gel, i swear they were healed in about 2 days, life saver for me

MarissasMommy replied to dylansmumm's response:
I don't think Cathryn was saying there's anything wrong with pumping. She and I both have 3 kids now and I swear, I don't think I can pump again with this one. It's just too time-consuming! I hope and pray he'll continue to nurse well after I go back to work and not quit me once he's getting regular bottles like my middle baby did!
nativelady7997 responded:
I had a problem with one of my nipples its to big for the babys mouth so with my last to kids i used a nipple sheild until there about 4 mths old. By that time the nipple sheild formed my nipple into going the right way and the baby was big enought to latch on... I love the nipple sheild and couldnt of breast feed my babys without it... Just make sure you keep latching the baby onto your breast every so often to make sure they still will... If for some chance they dont you can use the nipple sheild the whole time you BF.. Good luck
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