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Sleeping through the night and pumping
jlg1978 posted:
My 3 month old is sleeping through the night for about 2-3 weeks now (yeah) but should I still be getting up during the night to pump?? I have noticed a decrease in the amounts I am pumping in the morning, from 5-8 oz to only about 3-5 oz now. Any suggestions on herbal supplements?? what and how much?
big_new_fam responded:
Some ladies on here would suggest to not pumping at night because your body will soon adjust. I on the other hand tried this and I ended up with a blocked duct and didn't realize it. So when I tried again the next night I noticed in the morning that I woke up with a 102 fever. Basically I ended up with mastitis and was placed on several antibiotics. So, I now just deal with waking every three hours to pump. There are some herbal medicines to help but I am not sure what they are. My son is 4 months now and has been sleeping through the night since week 3. I miss my sleep but I know this is best for me and him.
Debaroonie replied to big_new_fam's response:
I was in the same boat. My daughter started sleeping 6-8 hours a night. I just called the hospital ad spoke with the nurse that helps with the BF and she said I didnt have to wake up to pump & to y sleep. She did ask if my daughter was gaining weight ok & if how I was feeling. I was a little engorged the first couple nights but now I guess my body has adapted, I told her I was afraid it might lower my milk supply & she said my body would make the milk my baby needed. THe lady at the health dept. did tell me to wake up & pump. I questioned that & that is why I called the hospital. I also asked my daughters doctor and she said no I didnt have to pump night. Sorry this is so long, just wanted to share this with you so you could enjoy your sleep!!!
Jcurzon replied to Debaroonie's response:
I had a friend who's baby slept through the night early (mine never have, lol). But she would pump at like 11pm and then get up about 4 or 5am and pump. That way she would not go a full 8-9 hours without pumping, but she did get a good 5-6 hours sleep in a row (which I'm jealous over!) But she never had supply issues this way. HTH.


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