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    New Mom..Help
    SunConure posted:

    Hi ladies let me introduce myself first before I jump into my problem! My name is Terra I'm 24, my bf is 25 and we have been together for 10 years, we just welcomed our first child, a little girl, Rylee Lynn on 09/14!! We are so thrilled to be parents!

    Ok so here is my issue When Rylee was first born she was nursing pretty well except from my left breast, but we were working on that. She was a pretty lazy eater to and everytime we nursed it would take an hour or more because she always fell asleep. No worries though we could work through all those issues. Well she ended up getting a moderate case of jaundice and losing to much weight so we ended up having to supplement with formula and now we can't get away from it. She will nurse anywhere from 10-20 minutes a side and then take a 3oz bottle, it also didn't help that it took about 6 days for my milk to come in! We had her newborn appt this past Friday and the pedi said it was fine to stop supplementing if we wanted, so we tried to just nurse the rest of that day, but I was nursing her every single hour and she would cry after almost every feeding and act like she was still hungry, chewing on her hands and smacking her lips. I felt so bad like I was starving her so we started giving her formula again. She does really well going from breast to bottle, but my supply sucks!! If I don't nurse her I get about 1 oz to 2 oz per breast. I am eating oatmeal everyday and taking Fenugreek, but I can't seem to up my supply for her. I would like not to supplement if I don't have to, but it sucks cause I have to go back to work at 6 weeks and I don't feel like I will have the supply built up to keep up with her. I'm also worried cause she likes to comfort nurse after her bottle as well to go to sleep sometimes and I'm not sure how much breastmilk/formula to send to daycare with her. I would like to just nurse her, but finding it very hard to wean away from the formula, I wanted to breastfeed so bad and feel horrible I can't do it.
    jmrb0414 responded:
    I don't have any advice but wanted you to know I am in the same exact boat you are. I have the exact same problems and my baby was born on the same day as yours! how strange. When I pump though i am only getting 1/2 oz combined !! Hopefully someone else will have some answers for us!!
    mckinneyeliz replied to jmrb0414's response:
    i'm having that same problem! i always give in. but babys empty out the breast...if they are still hungry after words keep them at the breast for a few more minutes and let them keep sucking. if they are actively sucking at the breast it will signal to the body to produce more milk! a pump does not empty the breast out as well as a baby will!! hth!
    MizLeah responded:
    Hey there fancy to find you here lol

    When you supplement with formula you are telling your body you need less milk.Since your daughter is so young it is very important to build your supply at this point.I would suggest pumping and giving her that. Go ahead and let her nurse every hour. I do not BF I only express milk as you know but from what I hear it is very common fro new borns to constantly nurse. Even if she is not getting very much milk let her nurse because this is what will encourage your supply.I understand the struggle of getting a decent supply and my only advice for that is to be patient and to nurse/pump to get more milk. GL
    iiicrazycats responded:
    first of all: you CAN do it. you ARE doing it! both of you!

    second: your babies are just barely two weeks old. their tummies are very small (the size of a shooter marble). it's not surprising that you're only getting 1-2ozs when you pump (actually, that's pretty good if it's per breast; some moms only get 1-2 total when they pump, esp. in the beginning).

    third: newborn babies sometimes do nurse every hour. when they do, it's often to increase your supply to support a growth spurt or a new normal level of milk. don't look at it as a signal that you don't have enough milk, but rather that your babies are doing their jobs to get what they need to grow bigger.

    fourth: comfort nursing is normal, expected and IMO, one of the best parts of breastfeeding! try to relax and just enjoy the peacefulness of the moment. all too soon, we will have whiny toddlers or preschoolers who want nothing to do with mommy. *wink*

    finally: keep at the pumping. it's very much a confidence game, as is nursing in general. i wouldn't expect you to be able to get an entire feeding in one session right now, especially if you're also nursing the baby. it's fine to combine several sessions worth of milk to get a whole feeding for the freezer.

    most 6-8wk olds will drink 3-4ozs at a time (my DD is 15wks Wednesday and she still drinks 4ozs/feeding). plan on sending 12-20ozs/day with your baby for the first few days until your provider can tell you what s/he drinks routinely. remember too that you will be pumping when you're not with the baby. hopefully you will pump at least what the baby drinks when you're gone.

    make sure your provider understands the importance of pacing a bottle (do a google search). newborns do not necessarily know when to stop eating, which is why i suspect your babies are taking bottles even after nursing. IMO, they will usually eat whatever we offer them. they may be fussing because they are gassy too (newborns are notoriously gassy); you might try burping halfway through a side and in-between.

    ~Jenn (34)~Chris (35)~Simon (6)~Ravyn (3mos)~
    kateschuler responded:
    Hi Terra,

    I had the same problem as you. My daughter Shayanna Was born on 08/20. She wasn't latching correctley and she ended up losing over a pound so my pedi said we had to supplement with formula. While we were doing that she would nurse for about the same amount of time and still drink about 2.5 oz of formula. After the pediatrician said I could start weaning her off the formula she did the same thing. What I did was I would nurse her and when she was getting tired or stoped I would change her and burp her and see if she wanted to eat again. Also for the first few days I did supplement a few feedings with .5 oz if she just didn't seem content. Just Make sure to try and get her to nurse on both breasts for each feeding and just remember that its easier for them to drink more formula because it just pours into their mouths, but your baby will certainly get enough milk directly from you!
    Hope this helps!
    iiicrazycats replied to kateschuler's response:
    great advice Kate!
    ~Jenn (34)~Chris (35)~Simon (6)~Ravyn (3mos)~
    jmrb0414 replied to iiicrazycats's response:
    This is great advice and very helpful! My only problem is she causes me pain every time she nurses. Now that my nipples are healed I did try and put her back on yesterday, and to me it seems like she is latched on correctly. But my boobs still hurt. Nothing like they did before, not yet anyways. Maybe since I'll be home all day I will try and nurse her whenever she is hungry, only problem with that is I have a 21 month old too. We shall see how this goes...Wish me luck!
    SunConure responded:
    Thanks ladies!! I think I will go see a LC to, I think Rylee's latch could be better and if so she would probably be a better nurser. Last night and all day today she has fought me on nursing, she fusses a lot and then will latch and unlatch herself. It's taking about 15 minutes just to get her to latch onto each breast and stay latched and then she only wantes to nurse for like 10 minutes. I knew this would be hard, but didn't realize it was this hard, but we will keep working at it!

    One more question should I just stop the formula all together or slowly wean down the amount she gets at each feeding? Right now she will take 3 oz after she nurses.
    Terra(24) Jeff(25) Rylee Lynn 09/14/10!!
    jmrb0414 replied to SunConure's response:
    today my pediatrician suggested nursing for as long as baby wants too, and then top her off with the formula so she's full.
    An_188514 responded:
    I had some of the same problems that you are having. First of all see a lactation consultant, they really helped me out. Second, keep breast feeding, the more she nurses the more milk you will produce. I have low milk production so I take a suppliment called More Milk Plus ( and that has greatly improved my supply. (fenugreek didn't work for me) Three ounces seems like alot to me, my 10 week old only takes 3 to 4 ounces in a feeding and she is 12 pounds. Breast fed babies tend to eat smaller amounts but more often, she probally just needs to get use to that. The lactation consultant recommended that we try switch feeding to try to keep my daughter awake while feeding. Feed on one side until she starts to slow down (about 5 minutes), sit her up to wake her up, you can try to burp her, then put her on the other breast. Go back and forth a few times, I was usually able to keep her awake for 3 or 4 latch-ons this way. Hope some of this helped, just remember, it does get easier as the baby gets older.
    kaliandkanesmom responded:
    Ok first off it is such crap that these drs are telling moms to supplement formula all you needed to do was nurse nurse nurse! I had this same problem with my daughter! They told me to give her formula because she was jaundice after that she would not take the breast..why? because it comes out fast and they dont have to work for it! So you are not alone just learn from this so next baby this doesnt happen. As far as you pumping dont worry pump every 2-3 hours and do it for about 20 minutes you will get the let down and your milk will flow then it will slow down or even stop but keep pumping because you will get a let down again! Also in the begining you will only get 1-2 onces its totally normal i suggest buying mother's milk tea it totally works for me i drink 3-4 cups a day and i notice a huge difference. Another helpful thing that my pediatrician told me was NOT to look down and not stress about how much you are getting...the stress will totally deminish your supply! What i would do is pump all day and combine what i had in the fridge then freeze it. I dont know if shes latching on to the breast but keep trying even if its at night when shes half asleep and both you and her are relaxed you can also pump for a couple seconds untill you feel your let down and put her on while its flowing. Good luck to you and i hope it works out!
    kaliandkanesmom replied to SunConure's response:
    Oh also my baby is 4 1/2 months old and im back to work part time and he still fights me on going back from bottle to breast but you have to be calm and patient! Once he gets the "let down" hes good to go!
    SunConure replied to kaliandkanesmom's response:
    We are still giving her formula, but she actually is doing tons better with breastfeeding!! She has no problem going from breast to bottle and back to breast. She is also latching just fine on the left side, I don't know what made her start, but one session I offered the left side and she took it right away, I was so happy!! I am pumping more often and taking the fenugreek and it seems to be helping. I do try to nurse her more often so I can keep my supply at a good level. As far as when she was born we tried nursing her a lot to get those levels down, but her jaundice levels kept getting higher and higher and she seemed so tired, it was a huge struggle to get her to stay awake, plus it took my milk almost a week to come in no joke! So thats why we ended up with the formula, plus we ended up with the light blanket and finally her levels came down, I do think I got very lucky that she can switch back and forth so easy, because most babies have big issues with that.

    So things are going much better and were not sure if we will completely wean her from formula or not, we may end up just doing both breastmilk and formula, but I am very happy with where we are at and not stressed anymore!!! Thanks ladies for all the advice!!!
    Terra(24) Jeff(25) Rylee Lynn 09/14/10!!
    DaleCDean29 responded:
    Think of it this way, the more your LO nurses the more milk you'll have. It may seem constant but once you have a routine down you'll do just fine. When I was nursing my LO she was a right side baby only took from the right breast. But it was enough to satisfy her. Sadly I had to stop nursing 6 weeks after she was born due to medications I was on. Oh also Formula is heavier on babies bellies so it makes them feel full faster than breast milk. I would just try to keep bfing her every time she seems hungry like I stated the more you bf her the more milk you will produce. by the time I stopped bfing my LO i was able to pump 4oz in one sitting and she was exclusively breast fed.
    Dale 30, Bf Chris,29 DD Bianka 7/20/10 Breech baby

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