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    BFing and elimination diet
    jdlevy posted:
    DS2 was born 10/16/10 and I have been EBF. DS1 has a history of food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, shrimp) and he also outgrew dairy and egg allergies. I don't eat peanuts, tree nuts or shellfish due to DS1 allergies and have not eaten eggs since DS2 was born. A lactation consultant told me if I see green or mucousy stool it may be a sign of dairy allergy, which I noticed DS2 has and elimintated dairy last Sunday. Has anyone heard this? I don't want to eliminate foods I don't need to but don't want LO to suffer. Any advice would be appreciated. TX!
    Me (33) DH (35) DS1 (06/09/06) DS2 (10/16/10)
    Guinnessstout responded:
    I'm sorry that you are going through this. It is difficult watching your LO suffer. I think it's definately possible that your DS is sensitive to dairy. After 2-3 weeks of trying an elimination diet, you may see improvement. You'll want to really watch food labels. Dairy includes milk, casein, whey, lactoglubulin... webmd has a great resource here: . Dairy sneaks in alot of places.

    My DD started having small amounts of blood in her stool around 3 weeks. However, I'm already dairy free because of my own dairy allergy. Our pediatrition recommend I try eliminating soy and within 10 days, she was clear. Our pedi wanted us to keep bf even with the small amounts of blood because my DD has been gaining weight great and she had no other symptoms. I felt so guilty knowing that I probably passed my allergies to her. And I enjoy bf, so I didn't want to stop. I hated thinking that my milk was making her sick, but the pedi thought it was still better than formula. So now I'm ecstatic that she's doing well and thriving on my milk.

    Hopefully your LO will do well on the elimination diet. I know it's tough. I've adapted to it although it isn't easy. And hopefully our LOs will outgrow their allergies.

    Good luck!
    Amanda. Mommy to my sweet pea born 8/9/10. Breastfeeding and completely dairy and soy free due to allergies in Mom and Baby.

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