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    Need Help!
    pixtera posted:
    Sorry in advance about how long this is...

    So at the hossy I had been Bfing DD only. She was really fussy there and didnt have a whole lot of pees and poops but the lactation consultant reassured me that I was doing everything great. Well we came on Sunday and she BFed that night and into Monday. Well on Monday she BFed and peed at 11am. Well after that feeding she never wanted to feed again. I woke her up every hour and tried and she just wouldnt even try to latch. She was sleeping so much and hadnt eatten that I called her ped at 7pm. They told us to head to the childrens hossy. Well they took is right back and checked her sugar and it was 25... Pretty low. They gave me a bottle to feed her while they waited on other labs to see if I could get her to eat. As soon as I put the nipple in her mouth she acted ravenous, That bottle was gone in seconds. I gave her another one and she sucked it down too. I cried of course that how bad of a mother I am that my baby was starving and I didnt even know. I though she was getting enough BFing. The doctor said she prolly hasnt been getting enought this whole time and recommended I pump and bottle feed. That there might be a latching issue and at least that way I could see how much shes getting and supplement if needed. They gave us enough bottles to get us throgh the night tonight. She has acted like a different baby since then, She hasnt been fussy and so much more awake looking around. I have been manually expressing my milk tonight. I will be going this AM to get a pump. I just need some advice on how to pump and feed? Whats the process?
    BTW baby is 4 days old
    MNMommy3 responded:
    My LO will be 5 weeks tomorrow and for the last 3 weeks I have been exclusively pumping and feeding by bottle. She had latch on issues after we left the hospital and I ended up with extremely sore, cracked and bleeding nipples. It hurt SO bad to nurse her. I typically pump every 2-3 hours and store them in the fridge. She's drinking 3.5 oz. at every feeding right now, so as we go I'll make bottles and keep them in the fridge. Right now I have 4-1/2 bottles made in the fridge. At night I usually pump just once. Daddy will feed her while I pump in the middle of the night and I'll usually get 4-5 oz. in that one pumping session (just because it's usually been 4-6 hours since I last pumped. If I start to get more than 4 bottles stored up in the fridge, I freeze any extra I have. For the past 3 days or so I have gone back to nursing once or twice during the day and pumping the rest. Her latch still isn't perfect but we try.

    The pumping and feeding by bottle method has been a life saver for me! I love the fact that if I'm in the middle of something or need to run to the store, Daddy can always feed her because there is always 2-4 bottles in the fridge and a few in the freezer. It really frees up some of my time so I don't feel so tied down at home. Good luck to you and I hope I was at least a little bit helpful!
    HaveFaith1224 responded:
    I just wanted to let you know that I had a somewhat similar situation in the hospital. I had a c-section so I was there for 4 days. On the 3rd night my little boy was completely out of control. He was red, shaking and refused to latch on. I called the nurse in and she said that he was hungry. I cried because I was starving my son. He was so hungry and my milk hadn't fully come in yet. I supplemented with formula at night when the milk was weaker for about a week. I still continued to breast feed to make sure that I kept my supply coming. In the end, I'm just breastfeeding now. I also pump because my doc wants me to give one bottle a day to get him used to taking a bottle. I have a Laniolish electric pump and for me I found that if I pump while my son is latched on to the other breast I get more milk faster. I wouldn't give up on breastfeeding, keep trying. The nurse in the hospital put some formula on my nipple to get him to latch on. Hang in there and Good luck!
    phoenix31674 responded:
    When i had a c-section with my first, she was born Monday late afternoon and my milk didn't come in until Saturday evening. We did supplement her from about day 3 until the milk came in with an ounce or two of milk through a syringe. It can take a while for the milk to come in. With DS he was born Monday am and my milk came in Wednesday evening. He was born vaginally, but part of the difference could be that my body had done the milk thing before since I did labor with DD before the emergency c-section.

    Once your milk fully comes in, pumping may not be much of an issue. Since I stay at home, I only have a manual pump, but DS doesn't really take a bottle so most of that milk has been frozen and will be used with cereal.
    keepitsafe responded:


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