BF'ing question
mel07430 posted:
Hi there! I am back to work now and HATE pumping. I did with with my DD for 3 months after I went back but with DS I just cannot stand it. I have not pumped during the day all week but have been BF'ing him in the mornings and at night and on weekends. Do you think my supply will adjust to this schedule and I will be able to do away with pumping during the day Mon-Fri?
I am not ready to stop BF'ing 100% yet but I am ok with him getting formula during the day.
Anyway and input is apreciated!! Thanks!!
cyavca05 responded:
With my DD by the time she was 9 months I was b-feeding at night, in te morning and in the evening, I was pumping only in the evening and not during the day and my body adjusted to it. I was complementing with formula during the day. I guess your body adjusts to whatever your baby is saying he needs. GL