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National second hand wardrobe week
Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
Babies grow so fast. How do you deal with your child's change in sizes? Do you get hand me downs from friends/family? Do you offer the clothes your little one has out grown down to those that have smaller children?

Lets talk about second hand clothes!
phoenix31674 responded:
I'm kind of picky. i have gone through some second hand stores with DD, but perhaps since it was a consignment store, the prices weren't any cheaper than buying new stuff from Carter's when it hit the 50% off and I had my 20% of coupon. I found I could get an entire season's wardrobe for around $50. Heck, using their sale after Christmas, I got 37 articles of clothing for DS (4 months) and DD (almost 4) for spring and summer (for her since I think he'll grow out of his clothes before then) for $127. and that was taking into account DS would need both long and short sleeve clothes since winter hangs on here.

We do have a thrift store, but seeing as I'm picky, I didn't care for a lot of what's there. a lot of character clothes because that's what they sell a lot of in the PX - which is why i was thrilled to see that Carter's finally opened up a web shop. When we first moved, I had my mom bring some clothes for DD that first winter and MIL loves to send her stuff, which is generally stuff I would have bought. and even if I did go straight with the character stuff, there's generally not enough for a wardrobe there at any given time.

We're not on post now, so it's hard to connect with the other moms, but I would be inclined to not take the hand me downs to let them be offered to another family of lesser means. I have donated all the kids' clothes to the thrift shop. We did offer DS's clothes to another family, but they weren't interested.

For DS, I won't buy anything full price because he does grow out of it so fast. The big shopping spree above, everything but one really cute shirt for her was from 50-65% off. That cute shirt was 40% off. Even for her i don't like spending full price, though I did get her a t-shirt the other day, but PX prices are slightly discounted.
Emmyl responded:
For DS, who is 1 1/2 we get a lot of stuff from the Good Will. I think most of his summer clothes last year, that were'n't bought for us by family members, came from there. You can't beat it! Really nice, name brand stuff! We spent as much on a whole wardrobe there as we would have on one new outfit, even on sale. Of course, you can't always count on finding anything, but when we do, it sure does help out! We still get new stuff for him too when we can, or when he needs it, but for play clothes that are just going to get rolled around in anyway, it's definately the place to go.

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