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    ShanunC posted:
    hope Im welcome here. i dont excl bfeed.. I excl pump.
    im a mom of 2.. DD-3 and DS 2 weeks old as of thursday.
    im a stay at home bipolar mom with many struggles but my kids def help me get through those rough days. also my DH and family, friends and church get me through as well.
    i understand bfeeding is the most natural thing on the face of the planet and maybe its just me, maybe its a generational thing (im 27) but for some reason Bfeeding seriously weirds me out. I tried for 2 weeks with DD and everytime I did it I just got more and more weirded out. I did attempt with DS last week as i though its been 3 years maybe Ive gotten over it. however NOPE the weirdness was still there. so I work very hard to keep up on my milk supply..
    Im currently pumping 5 times a day and getting between 40-50ozs a day.. depending on if I keep up on my fluid intake which Im sometimes bad about. Im sorry I can only drink sooooo much water before I just need a break.
    sore boobs which comes along no matter how you get the milk out.. however i think i knew what to expect this time so Im getting used to it a bit quicker..
    almost 2 weeks in and have my supply pretty much built up to what it will be.. the most I was getting with DD 3 years a go was 60ozs a day.. and that was ALOT for my boobs to take. Its ALOT for them to take now. most women take a few months to build up to this amount but boy oh boy in 14 days to go from no milk to that much.. i basically look like pam anderson every 4-6
    anyways.. wish I had known about this community back when iw as doing all this with DD.. hopefully you women can help keep me going..
    Im bipolar and currently off my main meds and taking low doses of meds that are deemed low risk for bfeeding.. DS is handling it all fine as did DD.. however once my depression or mania kicks to a point of not being well I need to stop pumping and switch to formula.. which I know is fine and healthy i just really want to do this as long as i can..
    anyways.. thanks ladies.. happy feeding and pumping..
    Guinnessstout responded:
    Hi Shanun and Welcome! It sounds like you are doing an awesome job. My sister is bipolar, so I kinda understand where you are coming from. As you know... support will help you out immensely.

    Good luck!
    Amanda. Mommy to my sweet pea born 8/9/10. Breastfeeding and completely dairy and soy free due to allergies in Mom and Baby.
    ShanunC replied to Guinnessstout's response:
    Thanks a lot.. i wasnt so lucky around the first time because I didnt lean on anyone.. i have a wonderful support system but the thoughts I was having and stuff i just felt so ashamed and embarassed about it.. ive learned I need to take peoples help when they offer instead of sitting feeling awful...
    so thanks.. nice to know someone here could understand how Im feeling...
    Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi ShanunC,

    Congrats on the new little one, and welcome to the Breastfeeding Support Group Community. Over the past few years there have been many mom's who only pumped and bottle fed their little ones. I really hope you'll come back often with any questions you might have.

    ShanunC replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thanks Emma.. i think pumping is a great alternative.. im sooo not knocking bottle feeding but especially the younger generations its just not the thing to do.. so I think maybe if the nurses and docs would also offer pumps as an alternative more babies could be getting liquid gold..
    anyways.. thanks.. appreciate the welcome
    cutenshort13 replied to ShanunC's response:
    ShanunC how many times a day were do you pump when you first came home? I just got home yesterday with LO and my milk is slowly coming in I haven't had enough to start feeding LO with it yet. I am really wanting to stop supplementing as soon as possible.
    QueenOfStarWars replied to cutenshort13's response:
    Wow! You are going great! I hate pumping - rather nurse. It's whatever you are comfortable with. I know in the beginning, when my first daughter was in the NICU, I would pump every 2 hours the first week and then did 3 hours after that until she came home.
    cutenshort13 replied to QueenOfStarWars's response:
    I wanted to breast feed really badly but LO is tearing me up and I was in so much pain I could relax enough for her to get anything to eat. And I would have to pump for when I go back to work full time but I'd like to get a good milk supply going now.

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