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Help!! I Hate It!!!! Vent
gurtmurt posted:
I am ashamed to say it but I HATE breastfeeding!!! My LO is almost 8 weeks and I have hung in there and continued to nurse him but I HATE it!!! My nipples hurt so bad and I am in constant pain!! I always use a sheild while feeding to try to help and I use cold compresses but nothing is helping the pain. He latches ok, but my nipples are flat so its difficult w/o the sheild. I dont know what to do.
Also, I dont think I make an abundance of milk. My son is growing & gaining weight so I think Im ok, but I can not pump any extra to store. I can not leave him for more than a couple hours at a time because I cant pump enough to feed him. I dont know how Im going to go back to work in a few weeks.
On top of all of this, started my period last week already so my supply dropped more. My OB said I may not have one while nursing...Then I started 7 weeks PP. It SUCKS!! Im miserable.
I am afraid to start fomula. I know it can cause allergies & stomach issues. My boyfriend (his daddy) doesnt want to start him on formula. He doesnt understand how hard this is on me!
Any suggestions???
I dont want to dread feeding my child because of pain!! Im exhausted & grumpy!!
roni090909 responded:
It sounds like his latch is NOT okay. It hurts most women for the first 2-3 weeks but not 8. I would see a lactation consultant right away to figure out why you are still hurting.

You are not alone, I hate BFing too when I am in so much pain. For me that pain is only 2-3 weeks once the pain is gone. I actually enjoy it.
mh723 responded:
I totally agree about seeking a lactaction consultant's help. I was experiencing a lot of pain at first and with the help of a consultant I was able to get my son latched the right way. It's surprising how much of a difference it makes and now it is pain free.

How are you holding him during feedings? Do you have a boppy pillow? That's what I use at home and I love it. It gets baby in the perfect position for feedings and being comfortably situated before you start is important too. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be. I also suggest getting some lanolin. I used it in the beginning when I would become sore or chapped and it really works wonders.

I am back to work full time and pumping three bottles a day at work. I know how hard it can be but I definitely think you should hang in there. It can be wonderful bonding time with baby and you know he is getting exactly what he needs.

Good luck, I hope you are able to work through all the problems soon!
MNMommy3 responded:
I know exactly how you feel! After leaving the hospital, DD and I couldn't get the latch right and for 2 weeks I nursed her with sore, cracked, bleeding nipples. I was in EXTREME pain every time I nursed her. I took a break for about 3-4 weeks and just pumped and fed her by bottle while my nipples healed. I was afraid to go back to exclusively breastfeeding, but I did it and we are now 2-3 weeks in and it's going perfect! We finally got the latch down and no more painful nursing sessions. Definitely talk to a lactation consultant and as others have said, make sure you are comfortable and relaxed when you're nursing. I also have a Boppy pillow and it makes nursing so cozy for both of us! I know it hurts and you just want to throw in the towel on BF but you can do it and it will get better!

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