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Pumping and Breast feeding supply
cyavca05 posted:
How much milk do you get at each pump and what is the frequency of your pumping/breastfeeding??

I usually breastfeed 2 times a day and pump 3-5 times, I get from 6-8oz everytime, if I go 8 hrs with out pumping I might get 10oz so I average 30oz a day, is this too little or normal?
Sarahai responded:
How many hours do you go in between breastfeeding/pumping and how old is the baby?
Sarahai replied to Sarahai's response:
Sorry, I missed that first part. I was pumping exclusively for the first 5 months. I pumped every 2-4 hours and probably ended up with an ounce for every hour it had been since the last pumping session. So probably around 24 oz. I think 30 oz is good. Is that just from pumping, or are you factoring in the times you're nursing as well?
cyavca05 replied to Sarahai's response:
Hi Sarahi, that would be just from pumping, but like i said i would probably do 2 feedings a day and everything else would be pumping. That's why I have get a little tired of pumping and have been doing it not as often. I wasnt nursing as much because DS would go to sleep and I could do nothing to wake him up, plus my mom helps me a lot and the bottle helps with that. I plan on breastfeed and pump for a year so I want to make sure my milk supply is not decreasing. Not sure if I need to start pumping more often
Sarahai replied to cyavca05's response:
How old is the baby?
cyavca05 replied to Sarahai's response:
baby is 10 weeks old.
Sarahai replied to cyavca05's response:
I would say you have a pretty good supply, even if it was just 30 oz. I wouldn't worry about your supply decreasing, as long as you're pumping or nursing often. It probably isn't a good idea to go 8 hrs without pumping, but if you're nursing inbetween I don't think it's a problem. If you're away from the baby you might want to try pumping while you're away (if you're not already doing that). If you're at home I would try to nurse more often than pumping and just nurse the baby when he's hungry. I think it's okay at this point if he sleeps for 3 or 4 hrs at at time without nursing. is a good resource for breastfeeding info.
ButterflyBaby1107 responded:
If you want to keep your milk supply up, you should not be waiting 8 hours to pump (unless you are actually sleeping during those 8 hours and if so consider yourself lucky!) You need to do your pumping on the same schedule that you feed your baby in order to keep your supply up.

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