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    drop in milk production
    HaveFaith1224 posted:
    my son is 14 weeks and only on breast milk. I do pump as well. I had to go back to work part-time for 2 weeks, but am now home. I have noticed since I'm back home that my milk supply has seemed to drop. My son's need is still high and I find myself feeding him more often. I am trying to continue to pump to try to build up my supply again...It seems to take forever to pump 5 oz. I am only getting about 1/2 to 1oz during each session. Any suggestions? TIA
    Sigma3rc74 responded:
    I'm certainly no expert - heck, my DD is only 2 weeks old. Might it take a little while of more frequent feeding & pumping to get your supply back up? How often did you pump while you were working? Maybe the drop in frequency caused the decrease?
    Maybe call the lactation consultant at your hospital for help?
    Sarahai responded:
    Does it seem like he's not getting enough or are you just not getting enough when you pump? How long have you been home? It could just be that he's directly getting what you would normally pump while at work. It's normal when you are mostly nursing not to get much while trying to pump until your body adjusts. Just keep nursing/pumping and your supply should increase.
    ButterflyBaby1107 responded:
    I found that with my daughter there were times where she was growing and she wanted to eat all the time. Just keep at it, your body will produce what your baby needs if you let the baby eat when needed.
    mesha84 responded:
    HaveFaith1224 I have 5 boys and my youngest is gonna be 5 months on the 23rd of this month and I know when he was around 3 months he had a growth spurt and wanted to eat every hour and when i tired to pump with my double pump i would get 2 oz with one breast and 1oz with the other. After a couple of day of sore breast from constanly pumping and feeding my milk supply increased. The only thing I can tell you as ur baby has growth spruts or u go back to work it is GREAT that u r still tryna breast feed you baby . Keep ur calorie intake up and make sure u r drinking lots of water. Good luck
    HaveFaith1224 replied to mesha84's response:
    Thanks so much! My supply is starting to go back up again!
    Flutterbyme03 replied to HaveFaith1224's response:
    Im really glad you posted this. Ive started having the same problem. How long did it take for your supply to increase back up? Ive tried the extra pumping and not to much difference yet...
    HaveFaith1224 replied to Flutterbyme03's response:
    I'm still struggling with the supply increase. My lo is almost 5 months and I've started him on rice cereal miked with bm. I still try to pump every time I nurse on the opposite side. My period came back last month and I am wondering if that is hindering my milk production. I was due to have my period this week and so far it's been a few days and it's not here, so not sure if it's back for good yet. I'm sure all of these changes going on in my body are affecting my milk. It's still taking me a while to pump enough, but I'm still stressing about it, which I'm sure is not helping! It's really frustrating because before this happened I had an overabundance of milk and would leak all the time!
    DLT723 replied to HaveFaith1224's response:
    I had to return to work and had the same issue with not producing enough milk. It was suggested by the lactation consultant at my WIC office, to try and feed my baby every chance I got, when I am away from her to pump at least every 3 hours, and to try Mother's Milk Tea. I started over a weekend with the tea and feeding my daughter every chance I got, like every 1 to 2 hours. It took a few of weeks, but my supply is up. So don't give up!
    bigmamaisback responded:
    I have had this problem. I visited a lactation consultant. She told me to keep pumping every 2 to 3 hours during the day and every 4 hours overnight. She also told me to go online and order Breastea to help increase my milk supply. I received it in the afternoon and started it then. I was engorged the next morning, and I'm now pumping 5 ounces. Before using Breastea I was pumping 1/2 ounce at a time. Definitely look it up and order some if you need to increase your milk production.

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