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Wendy12345678 posted:
Hi all. So I've been trying to get over mastitis. I've had it since saturday but have had flu symptoms since sunday night. I'm on antibiotics and my booby is more a normal color now, but there is still a big hard lump in it. I also still have many flu symptoms. I'm all worried about having to have it drained and what not. Has anyone else dealt with this, and how long did it take to get better? Did you have flu symptoms like snot and sore throat? Thanks!
MNMommy3 responded:
Hi Wendy! Long time no see... guess it's been a while since I've been on here. I had mastitis back when LO was around 2-3 weeks old. I had horrible flu-like symptoms, chills, high fever, achy all over and my booby hurt SOOOO bad! But, within 24 hours of taking the antibiotics I felt much better. Maybe you're coming down with a virus of some sort too? I know, lovely, right? How is your LO doing? If I remember right, ours are right around the same age... Neveah will be 4 months on May 5.
Wendy12345678 replied to MNMommy3's response:
Its good to hear from you again! How are things going??? Yes they are just about the same age, Johnny will be 4 month on May 8th. Isn't it funny how big a difference 3 days was back when we where pregnant and the babies where new!! He's doing great, getting to the lots of work stage though LOL. I suppose it would be nice to get a bug and the infection out of the way at the same time! It may just be the infection because I've been taking the antibiotics since Monday and I still have a big hard lump in the breast. I feel better though, my fever is mostly gone, and my throat and head aren't so bad now. I'm still getting really tired though. I'm actually getting worried that its an absecc and I'll have to have it drained. The funny part about that is I'm mostly worried about having to be knocked out and unable to breast feed my baby since he's never had a bottle. I suppose even if I do it will all be just fine. I go to the doctor today because they wanna check on the lump, so I'll let ya know! You should friend me on facebook, if you have it! It would be cool to keep in touch considering!
jel0267 responded:
Hi, I have had mastitis before. I had the flu like symptoms. I was extremely fatigued, had a very painful red spot/lump on my breast, along with white/yellow thick drainage (like pus). I started an antibiotic the second day I had symptoms I think, and the symptoms of fatigue, chills, and body ache went away the first day on the antibiotic. The lump persisted for a few days though, and I just made sure to keep breastfeeding frequently and it went down within probably a week after I started the antibiotic.

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