pumping question
Wendy12345678 posted:
I have not pumped before, and just bought an enexpenssive pump. I got about 3 oz out of one breast, and I'm wondering if thats about normal, or if I'm not getting out as much as I could with a better pump. Thanks in advance!!!
cutenshort13 responded:
That's what I get on a good day. I wouldn't stress about it that will just make getting more harder.
colev25 responded:
Have you tried a different sized breast shield? I was having some issues getting enough milk out. I switched to a larger size. I have an easier time now. Sometimes 3 ounces is all I get but overall it is easier. Also, have a HUGE glass of water next to you when you pump. I usually do that and I find that helps keep the milk flowing.
Good luck! Do you have to pump for work? I am a SAHM so I only pump when I know we have something going on and I want him to have a bottle.
Wendy12345678 replied to colev25's response:
Hello, and thanks. I am a SAHM, I'm just pumping for mixing with cereal, and possibly sharing with a mom who's baby needs some of the benefits of breast milk, but she doesn't make milk well. I figure if I do both breasts that I will get 5-6 ounces since there where 3 in one side. I was hoping to just get enough to share at least at least a little. I have not pumped for going out, I didn't think my son would take a bottle, but have never tried it. Does your baby take a bottle allright?