breastfeeding and tanning
megannohl posted:
is it ok to go salon tanning, will it affect my milk?
mom2laurenmckenna responded:
Not sure, but I subscribe to better safe than sorry. Maybe a self tanning lotion this year is best.
phoenix31674 responded:
I don't know if it will affect your milk, but remember that tanning beds are a carcinogen. Skin cancer used to be an older person's disease, but more and more women in their 20s are getting melanoma now. For me the risk of doing something that could cause cancer - that it not caught soon enough would lead my baby motherless - would be enough to convince me not to do it. From what I've read self tanners or spray tanners are generally considered safe, but I'm still leery of coating my body in chemicals while nursing.
brewbaby responded:
I know there are some self tanners that are sugar based, I got one sprayed on before my wedding and it looked amazing.