Could I still be lactating from 1.5 years ago?
An_188543 posted:
I went to the doctor for my annual and she checked my IUD, listened to some concerns and ran a blood pregnancy test that was negative early this month. Now, after an intense orgasm, I lactated a very small amount of white milk from each nipple. My son is two and I stopped breast feeding 1.5 years ago. Could the milk be left over?
lucy4219 responded:
Have you had some milk the whole time since breastfeeding? When I stopped breastfeeding my first daughter (she nursed for 16 months.) I was told it could take up to two years for my milk to completly dry up. So have a little after a year and a half isn't immpossible, but I would think that once it's gone it wouldn't come back spontaneously.
summotran replied to lucy4219's response:
I had to pump once or twice to relieve pressure and have felt pressure since then. But it's been over a year since I've seen any milk. If it takes up to two years I might have let out some built up store or something.