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Couple questions....
MommaSampson posted:
My son is 3 weeks old and last night he started crying while he was nursing. He would let go and cry like he was starving to death. I would get him to latch back on and he would do it all over again. He eats almost every 2 hours on the spot but I noticed today that I don't feel my milk coming down like I was. I could pump out 4-6 oz and now I'm not getting as much. Could my milk supply be decreasing? He's wanting to eat before the 2 hours rolls around too. On top of that, he spits up each time he eats until he eats again. His dr has scheduled him for an ultrasound and what she called a milk scan for wednesday to see if he has reflux or something else going on. My 2nd DD breastfed for 6 weeks but we didn't have any problems with her. I'm feeling really helpless and frustrated cause I don't know what's going on.
lucy4219 responded:
From what I've read colic usually sets in between two and three weeks old. It could be that or it could be reflux. But if it's only happened one night it might just be that he's sensitive to something you ate. My daughter is six weeks old and she always gets an upset stomach if I eat alot of spicy food. And I wouldn't worry about being able to pump less. What you can get out with a pump is not always represenative of how much milk you make. Baby is way better at getting the milk out than a pump. My experience has been, with both my daughters, that after the engorement clears up I can't get hardly anything with a pump. But my babies still seem to eat plenty. Don't worry too much about quanifing how much he gets. If he's growing and generally healthy, then he's getting enough. Even if he cluster feeds during growth sputs. Hang in there. I hope everything goes good at the doctor and that it is just something simple.

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